Thursday, August 28, 2014


Schools gon re-open soon, and nowadays-children gon be suffering again.

Why they have to carry, in giant backpacks, every single text-book that they own, instead of taking the particular text-books for those particular lessons for that particular day? (Our teachers used to say, "On such and such day, bring such and such text-book, that’s the one we will be using.")

Why school-children have to have extra lessons? Don't the teachers give sufficient lessons? A young school-friend tell me, "The teachers don't teach everything in the classroom. They say, you will have to come to my special private lessons (for a fee), to learn the rest."

Why aren't children allowed to play during school-term while they're studying? Why can they play only during the holidays? What kinda ignorant parents they breeding now that say, "They must not play. They must sit down and do their work." All day? All night? For months? They never hear that play is one of the most important ways to discover? To learn? To think?

Why so much home-work? It gon make children smarter, more inventive, more creative, more thinking, more analytic, disciplined than students of the past?

And! Passing so many exams gon prove what? That they can sweat the books really well...and...what else? It gon make them more articulate, wiser, more creative, inventive, more thinking, more analytic? Really? If that is the case, why is it so many o' them can't even write a proper sentence in English? 
(Know the rules so you can break them when doing creative writing, but half o’ them children don't know the rules).

People...grown-up people in charge of education all ever hear about burn-out? It ever occur to y'all that y'all creating a generation of repressed, uptight...?

And WHERE is my readers list, dear Blogger??


Guyana-Gyal said...

Why was I such a pig, why didn't I eat my yoghurt slowly and delicately instead of gobbling?

dinahmow said...

I hear you,Gal!
Blogger is doing strange things to other folk,too.And eating comments on some sites. sigh...

Elephant's Child said...

Some things are made to be gobbled - and a good yoghurt is one of those things.
How I wish that schools taught appreciation and thinking. Didn't happen when I was there, doesn't look to be happening now.
And play is essential. Free play.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Child, yes, I agree, education should teach us to think.
Free Play! I love it. I can see children around the world, haha.
Less Home-Work, More Play.

I hope they spel everyting corekly tho or it wud defeet de purpos.

Dinah, so far, I've been lucky with Blogger.
AND my readers list is back, hooray.

zooms said...

oh where was I in your hour of need of words both kind and healing, am so sorry ...was it the chungiyungi thingy? All the time here, I hear children being scolded for playing, but no mention of what it is they supposed to be doing which is sad because the children who do get to play are so lively and inventive it makes me feel sad for the ones who have to stay inside and do nothing except be good.

Michelle said...

Schooling sounds a nightmare. :(

The yoghurt now... ;-)

In South Africa a local place used to do a yoghurt "sundae" with layers of really creamy yoghurt, fresh fruit, honey drizzle and nuts.


Michelle said...

Just remembered... Your comment on modern architecture. Another complaint here is that the schools are horrible to look at. Big boxes. No style. Now, there's a town nearby with a Victorian school. It looks like Hogwarts!

Now we stick kids in warehouses and shoe boxes.

sablonneuse said...

I like the fact that Frehch children are taught to taste and appreciate different foods. On the other hand the poor things are weighed down by heavy satchels whoch seem to need renewing every year if the supermarket adverts are to be believed.
From what I remember about school in England the children can keep all their books in their desk (even if they change classrooms during the day) just taking what they need for the lesson they are having.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Sab, you're blogging again! Welcome back, it's lovely to see you again.
As for school-books, we used to keep them at home, and the teacher would tell us which ones to bring. Life was so simple then.

Michelle, now that's a school! If it had corridors, and rooms that let in light, and rooms upstairs that looked out to the sky, oh my, that would be a school!
That's some story and connection, isn't it?
Mmmmm, I want some of that yoghurt sundae. Now! Mmmm.

Zooms, your art cheered me.
Apparently, being 'strict' with children will make them good adults. Ha. When you look into the eyes of those children, you see misery, longing. Then those same children grow up and brag how their parents / grandparents' strictness made them such 'good' individuals. Sad.

Kim Ayres said...

It all depends on what you think the purpose of school is. Is to create free thinkers, or is it to create people who will obey... ?

LL Cool Joe said...

My daughter goes back to school on Thursday and the fun will all begin again. Homework, tutors, pressure, pressure. It's not surprising she wants to give up school next year and become a hairdresser.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Kim, it seems that schools have created a set of boxed-in-people, that's why today they can't imagine that schools should be for the creation of free-thinkers.

CoolJoe, I hope she finishes school, nevertheless.
If she becomes a hairdresser, I hope she's amazing, talented and highly successful. I value a good hairdresser!

Which reminds me, I used to hangout with a gal who didn't go to regular school, she was home-schooled. She went on to becoming a writer.

Gordon Barlow said...

Nice blog, Gal! I've just come here from Dutch Karen's blog, where you commented on her piece about France. Nice item about schooling. Reminds me of the calypso "Dan is de man in de van" by Sparrow (was it?) I would post the link here, but your comments rules might not show it. You could post it, though!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hi Gordon! Welcome! And thank you. Yes, I know that song, it's Trini, and was very popular here too. Funny, I don't remember if it was Sparrow.
I'm reading your blog right now...

Jdid said...

I been wondering lately when I see the 15 and 20 certificates these children doing at school. I only do 7 or 8 in me day an dat did enuff to keep me busy plenty, i cant imagine doing that many. Forget bout time to play, do those kids have time to sleep?

Guyana-Gyal said...

Jdid, I think this young generation is going to burn out, you mark my words.

Pat said...

I think of all the shoulder problems they will have in later life through carrying all that stuff.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Pat, I think too about the consequences of having brain-tired people who will be the future leaders.

cadiz12 said...

kids just don't have time to dream and come up with solutions that will save the world anymore. :(