Friday, November 08, 2013

Adding our two-cents.

Old woman next to me on the pavement airing out some story to them newspaper-vending chaps, she dusting and shaking that tale with a voice full o' more energy than the traffic behind we. Newspaper-chaps, sitting on boxes, looking up at she.

Quite unusual for me - which, I must say, is unusual for any self-respecting, down-to-earth Guyanese - I ain’t listening. I am staring at the headlines.

Old woman run outta breath. I look up. She is standing in a way that say she is getting ready for round two.

“How you’ husband? He does still drink?” one o’ them chaps ask.

“No, he stop that.  But he still bad.  How he baaaad.” 

The vigour in she speech make me give a li’l laugh.

“Don’t laugh!” she say, meaning, he badness ain’t funny.  “And the smoke!  He don’t stop smoke!”

And that is when I decide to add me two-cents to the discussion.  

“Throw cold water on he cigarette!  Put out the cigarette!” I exclaim to match she vigour.

Newspaper chaps who always wear this seen-it-all expression, they chuckle.

Old woman pause.  She eyes get hard, staring into a far-off scene.  “Throw cold water on he cigarette?” she ask slow-slow.

“Yes,” I say. “Put out the cigarette.”

Unfortunately, Dear Reader, I had to hurry off, so that is where de story end…or not. One day, I might meet she again, or maybe she in another shape, colour, age, gender (yes, a man with a similar tale), on a plane, train, in Tyrol or Turkey, who knows, heh…


Elephant's Child said...

I would love to hear the follow-up to this story. And wonder why it never occurred to her...

John Greenwood said...

Depends what he's smoking!!? :-/ xx

Guyana-Gyal said...

Oooh, JohnG, I never thought of that. But as he's old too, I guess it's cigarettes.
By the way, you look nice in that photo with Zed :-)

Elephant's Child, I've done this so often, suggested outrageous things to women, to deal with bad behaving folks at home, all tongue-in-cheek, then sometimes, I find out that they did what I'd suggested. Much amusement!
One day, you never know, I will meet her again.

Keith Smith said...

She should stamp on the cigarette to put it out everytime she sees him smoking; without waiting for him to take it out of his mouth.

After a couple of times he would get the message.

Guyana-Gyal said...



Kim Ayres said...

Perhaps you should start up an Advice Blog :)

Lil'Fel Rocks the World said...

You have a great style of writing. I'm a canadian born guyanese. Look forward to reading more.

Pat said...

Clearly she was giving it thought.
Miss mischief:)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Pat, that's what I hope. Hee hee...

Lil'Fel, thank you, and welcome :-) Life gets a bit odd on this blog. JohnG thinks I'm mad.

Kim, hahaha, I say things like "give him / her a sleeping pill to calm him / her down."

The Cloudcutter said...

As much as it kills me to stay away from my favourite blogs for extended periods, it's always a delight to be back, my dear GG!!!

Such a great post as always, has me chuckling away to glory!

“Throw cold water on he cigarette!"

Ha ha ha.