Friday, March 15, 2013

100 years.

"Daddy, did you go running barefoot with the lions Back Home?" them two sons does tease their father.

I ain't know what yarn my brother-in-law does spin to his two teen-sons, but he sure can weave a good tale.  I ain't know if it is a part of the Indian 'heritance to tell a good story, or if he learn it, being born and bred in Mombasa.

One night, around the small, square Miami-kitchen table, he spell-bind  me and mammy to we chairs, filling we ears with stories about escape to Love 'n' Joy, the ice-cream parlour in Mombasa (what a name for a' ice-cream place), and what fun he and his teen friends had on the beach, playing volley-ball with tourists.

Life was a kaleidoscope, spin, turn, ocean blue, glittering with water-diamonds, sand like powder, colours sparkle through the eyes of youth, looking back.

Today is he birthday and they gon have a dinner at home - my sister and he and their two teens-boys who plan to put one hundred candles on the cake, oh mischievous nephews.

And when he really is 100, Insha'Allah, I wish for him the best memories ever, I wish for him the happiest of days in 'Merica and wherever they travel for holidays, today, tomorrow, so that he can keep on spinning bright tales to generations on.

Happy birthday, brother-in-law, thanks for tolerating me around whenever I'm there!

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