Monday, July 30, 2012

Letter to Danny Boyle and all the people who worked on the Show.

Dear Danny Boyle and the people who work on the show,

Before Friday, only one Olympics opening ceremony ever stick in me memory.

Sydney 2000 did thrill me like first-love. 

Couldn't imagine anybody matching that.

The China one was spectacular, yes - ancient culture meshing with high-tech. But truth to tell, for me, it did feel mechanical. Humanity did vanish in the masses.

Then along come this London one.


Men writing about it gon can't say this, being men...but I can, being a gal an' all...

...them children singing and signing; the performance of Abide With Me; Paul McCartney, they make me eyes sweat profusely.

That was a funny bit about health care. Nanee K. who migrate to England many years ago used to sing about how good they treat she over there...but who woulda think of doing a musical with something so clinical?

I luuv that movement from hospital beds to a quarter-moon, story-telling and creatures creeping out just like I always think they gon do and reach out to bite me ankles if I walk too close to a bed at night.

Oh...a thought! I does get one sometimes. So many Mary Poppinses raining down remind me of them Magritte men. Except she got that very important item.

I meself is obsessed with it, I have a li'l collection. So you can imagine how I deeply appreciate that bright-blue brolly plonking 'pon the key-board. What a combination. Mr. Bean, snot, cheat, athlete.

Brilliant commentary.

From farm to fashion, to music, media and modern communication, digging into a Dickens or Catherine Cookson scene, dodging danger with Bond, party-party-party. Even Her Majesty get into the swing of things.

Yeah, switching from old-old to new-new, medium changing with scenes...brilliant...


In the middle of that chaos, I swear I hear a Guyanese-Georgetown accent. Desmond?  Scolding he daughter, You better go and put on a proper skirt! 

A mad montage, no matter when I look - today, tomorrow - I gon discover something else.

Just as we do with literature, people gon have their own interpretation of this show. Some gon say it was about the media; some, music; others, about barmy British humour.

Me? I think it was life with all she madness and sudden surprises...a quick flash of the running man...and poignant moments, lifting the child in Abide With Me.

The show capture life today changing rapid like pictures on a hand screen, flick-flick, fast-fast, one finger turning the whole flippin' world.

What all this mean to me?

I live in a conservative place. Indian wimmen shouldn't poke a toe outside the box. Be quiet, don't have opinion, don't walk and stare at the sky. Only lawyers, doctors, accountants, business people are valid.

But like the Sydney show, this London one remind me to stay true to me dreams, no matter how mad they might sound to them people here.

I mustn't let vanity take over though, never. That comment at the end remind me well...

...after the ego-strutting and chest-pounding, the competition about who is better, faster, who win the most, after all that we create, all that we do...

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