Sunday, February 19, 2012

“You're not sleeping with the right man…”



Well, thank you, Guyanese sista in New York.

Lemme see if I really deserve this...I gon look at 7 things about me...

11.  Two or so days ago, I been thinking, when life pelt you with poo, take a shovel and...

...on Friday morning, walking home after buying newspaper, I hurry past two horses jaywalking on the left side of the road.  You never know what they was capable of, disobeying traffic rules about what side we should walk on. I, of course, good citizen, was on the right. 

One horse rump stray into me peripheral vision.

Suddenly, it let loose.

Plop. Plop. Plop. Let that be a lesson to you, yes, you with your self-righteousness about digging up life’s poo with shovel.

I learn a good lesson.

I gon make horse-nappies and sell. I gon tell buyers, if they collect the poo, they can do plenty with it.

22. In me lovely-native-land, knowledge is a dim light. Plenty people think it is what school-children and university students regurgitate from text-books. Whatever people know, they hug it as if sharing the light would make others mo’ bright.

Imagination is a blank canvas that they stick in a cobweb corner, not good for much. They don’t understand the healing, mind-sharpening power of art and music.

33. But that’s okay. I got a one-woman campaign teaching not so-educated people all sort o’ things. Simple things...ideas for starting their own business, how to turn trash to treasure, and to encourage their children imagination.

44. “You're not sleeping with the right man,” Lu-A., artist friend retort, she voice dry like we savannah-grass in hot season.

Yeah, that is what she say and make me laugh, after I grumble to she about the job-scene in ‘98, when I did first come back from living in the Island.

“Imagine, I have a degree in for community development. I was taught by some of the best in the Caribbean, and some from the US. Plus I have experience and awards working with an international ad agency. But nobody here was hiring me.”

55.  But that’s okay. I enjoy working for meself now.

And too besides, I recently come up with a way to use me training and skills to help educate less fortunate women. And it won’t be boring like what we have in we media.

66.  Mini-bus drivers is a plague and a pestilence on we roads and me soul.

77. But that’s okay. I am in the process of designing a poo-pelting machine. This machine gon come in all sizes. For individuals. Families. Communities. Countries.

IIf No. 7 ain’t make me versatile, I ain’t know what would!

Well now, I should share this compliment with 15 new bloggers. Truth is, bloggers on me list been here forever.

Except DaddyP who is quite versatile even though he can’t get the gas out o’ he old wrecked car...and Wafa, a gal in Arabia who decide to stop blogging much to me disappointment.

So go ahead you two, if you want to. 

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I gone to hug up me five pillows.


Kim Ayres said...

If you're into poo pelting, then you should take some lessons from this man:

And this was back before the banking crisis!

john.g. said...

You should invent a poo throwing machine to aim at the mini-bus drivers! xx

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Now I've got to think of seven verses about stiles!!!?! You've made an ol' man very happy XXX

Guyanesesista said...

Well yes lawd. You ARE quite versatile aren't ya? I gon buy one a' dem poo peltin' machines. Hehe

Pat said...

Versatile and unique and one of my favourites. Don't ever change.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Pat, you're just the best for a worried gal. Thank you. I'd like to change every now and then for the better if that's okay..? :-)

Sista, you're get one for free, especially if you're willing to work it on them bad mini-bus drivers here hahaha.

DaddyP, woooo wooooo big hugs OOO

JohnG, that's the main reason for inventing it. But think of all the other uses, waaahaaa :-D x x

Guyana-Gyal said...

Kim, how did I miss your comment? Poo on me!

That was rich, that story about the poo-pelter.

That farmer knew long before most folks what the banks were doing, wasn't he?