Wednesday, March 09, 2011


They say it take a mass o’ people to raise a family.

Fortunately, in the years before materialism set in here, plenty folks migrate by the masses.

Think what woulda happen if every auntie, uncle, cousin, friend, cousin of friend, friend of cousin been livin’ here still, and a pile o’ them land up on you’ doorstep on the same birt’day!

But anyway, we the people here is still a lovin’, givin’ lot. We know all the right words for them, especially when it is their birt’dayS.

Ow, I try to call you but I couldn’t get through on the phone, you know how Guyana is. So hhhhard to get through with overseas calls.

Ow, I woulda send you a gift but if you know how hhhhard it is to send gifts, nothing good to buy here. And y’know how pos’ office people does thief plenty.

Ow, I try to send a’ e-card but we had powercut.

Thanks to Cousin Lis though, I ain’t got to repeat this set o’ lies…obviously, living overseas ain’t stop she in she tracks. Last December, she say, “Ow, I wish I coulda been there to spend the day with you.” And she send a birt’day song that I want to share with the pile o’ people who have, who just had, birt’day.



I just remember. In Guyana, the Birt’day Person does have to treat their friends.

Come back…

…y’all come back…

…come back…


john.g. said...

It's the same here! Why do I have to buy the drinks on my birthday? My 40th cost me £120!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Come to Guyana, JohnG. I'll be your friend.
Your only friend.
Plain ol' coconut water would be fine, thank you.

kfm said... de same Sunita song I duz sing to errbody...hahaaa...even if yuh ain name suh yeh?

Pat said...

Charming! I'll take that for mine next week. Thank you:)

Anonymous said...

:) I can't believe you write about this. Gosh GG you head not good you know dat??
The trouble is, wah I gon do this December? Revert to the birthday haiku tradition?

Guyana-Gyal said...

Anon, two things told me know who you are.
[1] "you head not good"
[2] birthday haiku
Me very good detective, ha haaaa.
I hope you like the birt'day greetins. of the lies? Or the song? hee hee
So you're a Pisces too? Oooh, you're a Flirt too!

KFM, with the way you sing like Orange on Sesame Street, it must sound [to quote Cousin Lis] haRrible.

KDS said...

that's a classic!

sablonneuse said...

That's one thing I miss about working. When anyone had a birthday they always brought cakes in for the morning coffee break.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Sab!! You eat cake often. Every time I read your blog, you're eating cake [just teasin'] :-)

KDS, thanks. Welcome to Guyana where nothing is as it seems. I have no idea what that means, but it sounds like life here.

moreidlethoughts said...

How did I miss your birthday? My bad!
But, clearly, it was a good one.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Dinamow, I hadn't mentioned it here, so it was quite easy to miss :-)

Hayden said...

GG, hope it was a happy one! I like things in the US better: here everyone treats the birthday girl/boy and it makes things seem so special! Was fun in SF - could make things string out for a week of coffees and lunches! And I happily did the same for my friends in return... easier that way - if there are several people treating - to split the cost of the birthday person.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hayden, that was was quiet. But I got gifts :-) Actually, gifts don't really matter that much to me, it's the fuss I like. But it doesn't go on for a week :-( We do treat our friends and family, some of us.