Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The tears of a turtle.

What don’t kill you, does fatten you, we does say.


If this supastition don’t kill we, it must fatten we. Not that I’s saying we want to eat the cause of this particular supastition and grow fat. Because, if we’s to believe
Fazal, gardener-grass cutter-tree trimmer-doer of small favours like fetching upstairs from we car we ten gallon bottled water-storyteller, just hurting the thing feelings gon harm we.

“You want a turtle, Fazal? I looking for a home for one.”

Fazal set he bicycle to stand alone and he settle on the big, long, green bench. “Turrrtle?” he say slow and grin. “Huhn!”

“Ow, you’ li’l boy would love it…”


“…And the turtle need land, cool shelter, grass and trees.”

“Huhn…huhnn.” He eyes and teeth flashing more than night sky with stars and day clouds with sun.

“Whaa’? Whattt?” I stop sweeping leaves and I lean on me brush-handle. Me mother settle mo' comfortable on she bench.

“One time, before me marry, me been working in a bushy area. I see the grass moving. When me look, is a small turtle. Me kerry it home and me had it for a long while, then me marry and Rehana make me give it away. And now, every time she go somewhere and she see a turtle, she got to stand and stare. If you see how long, long she does watch the turtle.”

“Man, I really got to ask she why.”

“Meeee nah know.”

Man blame he wife but truth will out.

He say, “But you know, if a turtle cry on you, you get bad luck for the rest o’ you’ life.”

“Haaaha,” I laugh. “I never hear that in me whole born life. If a turtle cry because of you, it bring bad luck. But anyway, we should tell all them fishermen this so they never hurt one, single sea-turtle ever again.”

“All them fisherman know this. That is why they nah trouble sea-turtle. One fisherman, he ketch a sea-turtle to make soup and that turtle cry on he. That man boat never get luck again.”

We pause to digest this.

Then Fazal drawl in he usual style, “Land turtle is the same. Y’see if you in the bush, and you got a turtle in you’ bag and you try to hitch a ride out, if that truck-man know you got a turtle in you’ bag, he gon never give you a ride! One truck-man give a man a ride and he nah know the man had a turtle in he bag. When the truck break down, them other man find out who had a turtle. You know, they put out that man.”

Huhn! And to think, I promise me friend that, when I find a home for she tuttle, I gon transport it in we car…


Guyana-Gyal said...

Hey, a talkin' sea-turtle with Whoopi's voice is on tv right now! But he's laughing.

Pat said...

I think turtles like their privacy. In Greece we were warned on the beach not to disturb the turtles. I think they were having babies.
I just read Keith Richards has a lake on his land in Connecticut where fishing is forbidden - so of course he was fishing and an enormous, gigantic turtle reared up and they feared for their lives. Hr usually carries a weapon and he bonked it hard on its shell and it sank to the depths again . It was probably centuries old. He doesn't fish there anymore.

Hayden said...

turtle tears! I never did hear of such a thing. I thought your Fazal wanted to eat it! I wonder how you can tell if a sea turtle is crying or if he just has a wet face? Salt either way...

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hayden, once, I was looking at this documentary shot in the Cayman Islands, there they have a sanctuary where they keep sea turtles...I don't remember why, but one sea-turtle started bawling! I was quite surprised at the sound it made! OMG! I didn't see tears though.

Pat, hahaha I had a good laugh at Keith Richards fishy tale. Serves him right.
Some gossip...I only found out recently that he's married to Patti Hanson, former model, and if I read correctly, she's a Christian, and quite a level-headed woman.

WizzyTheStick said...

I love reading about the things we have in common. That saying is popular in T'dad as well. As to the turtle tears. The leatherbacks here do seem to cry when they crawl ashore to lay eggs. They have 'slimy' tears at the corners of their eyes. I've never seen this on land turtle tho.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Wizzy, it's why I feel right at home in T'dad, we have so much in common. Plus, I have family there [which Guyanese doesn't? haha].

K. Ako said...

I haven't heard about turtle tears either. I thought de man was gon eat it too - but maybe if I saw a turtle I would stand and stare as well; the truth is I've actually tasted turtle and thought it was quite delicious *hangs head*

Guyana-Gyal said...

K, you're making me laugh. Do you know, lots of people eat ordinary, that is, land turtle meat.
It's the sea turtle they're trying to save.

Princess Jibi said...

hahaha this one got me laughing here. Is good thing I na buy any turtle... I can't afford more bad luck.
I don't think I will ever try turtle meat... I just love turtles too much.