Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seven things that might give you second thoughts about inviting me home.

I get this tag from Kathryn.

Seven things about me that you don’t [and probably don’t want to] know.

Instead of taking forty years to do this tag like I would normally do, I say, lemme do it now.

1. I’s a fake member of the Liar’s Club. I accept the award without shame and only partly complete the task. Every day I say, I gon finish it today.

2. Like plenty West Indian folks, me DNA is a blend of east and west.

How we ain’t confused, I just don’t know.

Or maybe we is, and we just don’t know.

3. I don’t fling me li’l toy boomerang into the air.

I constantly worry that, if it come back to me, it gon konk me on me head.

4. The Wavin’ Flag Song does make me crave to see we li’l West Indies chil’ren achieve more...


… if only…

...if only…

...if only.

5. This morning, I hurry up sweeping the leaves, washing breakfast dishes, planning gramma lesson, so I can listen to the most syrupy, shugah-sweetest song, If you were a sailboat.

6. Sometimes, it does take me a long long long long long long long long long long

long long long long long long longlonglonglonglonglonglonglonglonglonglonglonglong



time to understand what a person want or don't want, what a person is or ain't.

When I finally know their limits, and I accept it, I does try to work with that.

But like I say, it does take me a lonnnnnnng time, sometimes.

And even then, I does forget, sometimes.

I's flawed like that.

7. Personality colour [according to the Colour Test that they does use in big corporations Abroad and a Canadian man who been here to teach volunteers give we the test]: green.

“Oh,” the man say, “You’re just like me. My wife knows that when I get cranky, I’ve been indoors too long and I need to get outdoors.”

Now, because I know plenty bloggers don’t like getting tagged, I gon just point you to seven interesting bloggy things:

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Mmmmm so good Guyanese food.

The Troll Catalogue. Is you one or is you ain’t? Squirm while you read.

A book about a wanna-be rock star who end up as a house-husband.

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How to market, to market.

Join the search for lost frogs.

I gone to smell the sea through the living-room window. It is fragrant with fish, brine, storm comin’, heavy grey waves and travels to distant lands.


Hayden said...

I am SHOCKED, GG, SHOCKED!!!! You accepted one, you did it (and were typically funny and not really revealing in doing it) and you did it FAST.

You feelin' ok girrl? Maybe a little ginger tea or broth? (not chicken, I know, I know. Garlic broth is heaven too, maybe that.. Just rest a bit now.......

then finish the liars club series. 'Cause I'm still waiting and keeping track.

Pat said...

I can see the sea from this window - distantly but I can't smell it. I once slept out on the balcony and although we are nearly a mile from the water's edge I could hear the rise and fall of the tide.
Thought of you this morning as I studied the instructions you once gave me to do a link and it worked. A link to Charlie. Thank you - your hard work wasn't wasted. I'm just VERY slow.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Pat, yay, you did it, oh I'm so happy. Were my instructions easy to follow?
Isn't the rise of fall of the ocean soothing? I need a cup of tea to go with that now.

Hayden, here I stand, dramatic pose, back of wrist on forehead, eyes half closed, head thrown back [like in those olde plays], I feel a tad ill, let me lie down before I faint.
It's the paint from the roof next door, you see.
I'll need more time before finishing the Liar's Club tales.

Deb Shucka said...

Reading your words is like listening to a happy, lilting song.

Keith said...

I can't smell the sea from here. I live about 5 miles from a roadside sign that states: "This plaque marks the furthest point from the sea in any direction in the British Isles".

CG said...

I live 40 miles from the Golden Gate bridge so I can't smell the Pacific from my home, but I do see the sea often. It's breathtakingly beautiful! I feel what you need is a trip to my part of the world to help you feel better!

Guyana-Gyal said...

CG, will I be able to throw my toy boomerang without konking anyone? That's the question.

Keith, you might not believe this...England looked very big to me when I was 18. I haven't been back since to measure.

Deb, maybe it's the way we talk, I've been told that we have a sing-song accent.

Kathryn Grace said...

One does have to read between the lines a bit. Nice vids/happy music. Thank you for sharing. Love the cadence of your writing.

MartyrMom said...

those two songs were good. The sailboat one was a bit cheesy but I did like the music.

I love the smell of the ocean/sea...the salt air makes me long for my home in NC. We live about 5 miles from the Atlantic here but can only smell the ocean when the winds are strong out of the east. I also love a good Nor' much fun to see smell and feel.....ahhhhhh

Guyana-Gyal said...

Martyr, I like mushy-smoochy romantic, that's why I enjoy the sailboat song [yes, I have no shame].

Kathryn, I know, I didn't tell a lot, but sometimes, reading between the lines can be fun. I hope :-)

LDahl said...

About a million years ago this was a huge inland sea with monsters swimming in it's depths:
That's as close to the ocean I can get without driving for about four days.
Gulls and pelicans still live here though... maybe they are waiting for the sea to come back.
You have to double your lies as a penalty for being a's in the rules.

Ok, I'm lying :-D

Lucy said...

How nice of you to link! I know I'm late, but thank you :-)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Aiye yai, Dahl, I workin' on them, I am, and that's not a tall tale, har har.

Lucy, you're welcome.

Dahl, meet Lucy, illustrator. Lucy, meet Dahl, talented artist too.