Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dowsing rod.

After the calm, the storm.

And during the storm?


What does happen during the storm?

Some people does cower then suddenly they rise up and bruk through like Samson brukking up stone.

Then you have some who, during the storm, don't cower at all. You stand up, move around, do what you must do. But as soon as that storm pass, you fall to the ground, dry-up like thirsty leaf. Anxiety and fear jook like sharp plimpla as you try to make your way out of them thorns.

You feel tempted to hide in a cool, dark place, to curl up with your worries so you can recreate the storm, because the storm is from the past, and though the past lash you hard like devil weeing on you, it is the devil that you know; it is the devil that you’s most comfortable with.

The future, because you can’t sense it, feel worse.

But maybe you truly hate the ol’ bruk-a-down rubble. So you pick up your dowsing rod and you go ‘til ping, like instinct, you find something. You grab your li’l shovel, fix your feet firmly on the ground and you dig. Dig, fumble, stumble, dig. And before you know it, you’s creating a fresh new place.

In other words, to be precise and concise, after I receive sad or shocking blows, I does cope. Then, when I start to recover, I does become scared and anxious. The temptation to curl up with them worries does be strong. But I know that this ain’t a flourishing thing to do, I know I should get going. I must keep going ‘til I feel like the water-melon that been in we veranda all Friday afternoon, into the night and on Saturday morning, sitting in the white basket-chair, taking sea-breeze, grinning.



Raptus8 said...

Strong woman you are.

The last time I recieved a shocking blow I lost it, acted on my impulse and eventually was hospitalized.That abviously made the storm worst but I got through it nevertheless; i'm glad that I did eventually raised my chin and faced the weather.

Its always nice to read refreshing.

Jdid said...

I'm like that too. I stand up in the storm, ignore the rain and the winds and the lightning and thunder and direct people to safety and face the storm head on. and ya know that in a storm dey need people like dat cause if not everybody duz be loss so ya duz sacrifice to help those that cant cope with the storm.

When the storm dun I loss, aint know what to do now cause the adrenalin gone and i juss empty.

hang in there mi friend.

The Cloudcutter said...

GG, good to have you back. When you have the time, please check this out -

Pat said...

Yes you're right GG. It's the aftermath that is so difficult to cope with but we just have to keep going till it's water melon time.

Hayden said...

Be kind to yourself. your system needs some gentleness, too: time to regroup. Such troubles. (((Hugs)))

kfm said...

You had two grandmothers who withstood a lot of poop, you have their strength and stuvvantness...hehehe

LDahl said...

Remember, bend, not break.

CG said...

Big hugs to you GG.

Zed said...

Take the storm whichever way you want, but never forget to look after yourself. Many people do and that's what gets them into trouble. xxx

kfm said...

dem also duz use dowsing rods to fine jumbee...

sablonneuse said...

Grief is bound to take its toll and it will take time to get through the worst. Sharing your thoughts and feelings should help you to see the way out of the tunnel G-G. Sending hugs. x x