Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What I learnt while I wasn't here...

Life don’t owe nobody nothing...not one cent, not even a cheap li’l Guyana cent - which come to think of it, I ain’t see in a mighty long time. If you want something, look for it, and when you find it, dig the ground, plant it and nuture it.

Don’t ever, ever, not ever, never, never, never NEVER, NEVER sell things on credit!

Arrogant folks don’t know they’s being arrogant. They think they’s being open and honest and they’s bringing things out in the open.

Arrogance is like AIDS. It don’t discriminate. It affect all age, race, colour, culture, gender.

Education don’t teach we tolerance. In fact, with Guyanese here and Abroad, education make we more full o’ weselves.

If I ain’t got teaching material, I can create my own. I can use the silver insides of milk boxes to make games, write sentences with coloured markers.

Teaching English to a pre-teen foreign girl, I was the student. I learn all over again about the joy in simple things – sitting on a wall with friends by a far-away, foreign river, looking for the three-eye mutant fish; bathing a cat that protest like wild; riding a bicycle; knitting socks with two needles; playing music; learning a song from beginning to end; singing; running in the park; watching flowers and birds both there and here; swimming in the hot Guyana sun in a warm blue pool; loving the colours of the jaguar in the small Guyana zoo and the greatness of the harpy eagle and delighting in the big, giant, enormous Arapaima fish and the tiny, li’l greenish sake-winkee monkeys at Celina’s Resort by the seawall.

Oh, how I miss that child, now that she gone back to she foreign-land.

Now I must go find my own joy again.


Stolid charisma said...

Guyana Gyal.. wa gwan.

I predict based on this post, an argument will erupt on my blog.

So before you decide whose side you're on.. I'm just letting you know you are on my side.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Well, thanks Stolid, that makes life easy for me, you choosing my side for me.

I can't see how people will find controversy in my saying that though.

PI said...

Stolid Charisma made me laugh!
I was always taught: never a lender or borrower be and I learned the hard way.
I'm with you all the way with # 7 EXCEPT for knitting socks - no matter how many needles. Aged 19 I attempted to knit a pair for MTL as an act of love and had to darn them at the end. Maybe that's why we broke up.

Will said...

look you!!! :-)

i agree with everything here... especially # 5... some of the most intolerant people are the most educated... that's what happend when we see education as school, rather than as experience... when we see it as getting only specific knowledge rather than learning life skills and critical thinking...


Kofi Conde said...

I love this post. You aint living if you aint learning...from life. Thanks for that.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Kofi, I try, I really try to learn so I don't get bored.

Will! You look like a uni. prof. in this picture!
So the educated there are show-offy too. I thought they were only here, and that they were show-offy because they have something that po' people don't have.
Now you add a new dimension and yes, I totally agree. Book-learning as opposed to thought.

Pat!!! Hahahaha, first, I can't imagine you NOT being good at something.
I'm trying to picture a scene, you and the socks and the young TL getting all harried and upset about darned socks [though I know you're joking].
The craft-gal in me loooves the idea of knitting socks.
If I lived in a cold country I'd try to knit socks with 2 needles and give them to unsuspecting friends and family, tee hee.

Anonymous said...

Thank god that you found JOY and I know that you will find it again.
Sometimes it is the simple things in life that we take for granted.

Hope that your fasting in this holy month is going good. Did your mom make any meetai as yet? The big fat ones with lots of coconut all covered with sugar:))
Exotic Gyal

Raptus8 said...

lol...that boi Stolid is funny.

working on PI's never a lender or borrower be.

Jdid said...

ya speaking nuff truth there

cadiz12 said...

i've gotta say, i just learned how to knit two socks at a time on 2 circular needles, and it is TRICKY! gimme four pointy-ended needles anyday!

but yeah, the simple pleasures definitely keep us sane.

PatrickyCymro said...

Come off it Gyal-- never sell on credit -- "never a lender or a borrower be"?
When young I wandered all over the Americas, North and South (well, bits of them) and took credit and left debts wherever I went.

In particular I am in debt to Fajloo,
Mule-man of Leonora Plantation,
West Coast, Demerara, Guyana,
Who taught me that the illiterate
Are seldom stupid.
And to Ali Persaud, of the same address,
Who forewarned me that the alligator,
Basking on my house step,
Was, in fact, made of

I owe my maternal grandmother, Rosalind D***s,
For a collection of wild flowers
Painted between 1894
And 1905.
And I owe my children,
B***** & J****,
For teaching me all I want to know
About life in the twenty first

Now in my eighth decaded
I find my debts keep mounting.
All I can hope
Is that the debt collector
Will allow me a few years
Of borrowed time
To draw up my last balance sheet
And settle my final

And there's plenty moreof them.
We all die in debt, actually, for the whole world and all that is in it is only borrowed from our children, Yes?

Guyana-Gyal said...

Patrick, you came to Guyana and ended up owing po' people money?
Oho, so you're 80-something? Hm, it all makes sense now :-D

Cadiz, I have this picture in my head, I'm sitting by a fireplace in a cold country, knitting beautiful cashmere socks [yes, cashmere wool!] and some big department store discovers them and I sell 'em real expensive and the rich and famous knock on my door to buy. No credit though.

Jdid, apparently not, if you read Patrick's comment.

Raptus, if you know how this ting vex me, selling on credit and STILL waiting for the $$...is always some excuse. And it ain't even MY tings. I sell them for a close relative who live overseas.

Exotic Gyal, you proper like food! Is how you does manage to keep that figure, eh?
My mother is fasting...I can't...low sugar problem with all the related symptoms.
As for joy...you know what we say in Guyana...if you don't laff, you gon cry.

Anonymous said...

This has been the summer of discontent for me but look out soon things will change dramatically!!
I believe in moderation in what I eat but I like good food and HATE structured exercise. I work in the garden and get dirty rather than walk on a treadmill:))
Exotic Gyal

DaveM said...

As often there is food for thought here. No 5 is interesting, is it the fact that the more knowledge someone accumulates then they will be better at expressing their opinions.
Not sure about knitting though.

Mr. Nighttime said...

A well-observed list.

The Buddha observed that, "Life has no meaning, it just is." I've come to learn that the more we search for things, the less chance we have of finding them. But you're right that when it is found, it should be nurtured.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Mr. N, I would've had a mighty long discussion with Buddha about that, seeing that I don't agree with him.
I was talking about achievements, success and so on...if you want something, go for it, life doesn't just hand it to us on a platter.

Hello again Davem, how have you been? Good, I hope.
Well, okay, here in poor countries, education is sometimes seen as a priveledge...and priveledged folks can be a tad...well...show-offy, if you know what I mean. Yes, even with education.

Exotic Gyal, that 'summer of discontent' bit has me worried. My mother sends her love and hopes all is well.
Mm, I know what you mean about 'structured' exercise. No gym like the garden, eh?
Ours misses me, I need to go back.

kfm said...

me in debt...owing somebody something somewhere somehow...
As for you and EG..yall can come hey an wuk in me garden in 95degree wedda or so...

to each his own..none ah we alike...i like my treadmill, i love to wrap my hands and box, i like to kick the dickens out of that bag...and later,,,i would go in the garden, or read..or hang out with the boys...

so...all in all...all ah we enjoys different things and some of we MAY just pay back we debt...by being nice to somebady else...

Hayden said...

all true, all true... and #7 just set me to dreaming...

Guyana-Gyal said...

KFM, I'm talking about selling things on credit. Not emotional repayment. Like, you sell something and the person doesn't pay up.
I does go down early, early in the garden before the sun get hot. Ow, EG and me wasn't critisizing other people's ways of exercising, WE just don't like structured exercise.

Hayden, I was thinking how, as adults, the ability to enjoy simple things diminish. Why?
Oh, but I do know some people who, despite their hardships, can still enjoy a cool breeze in the middle of hot weather.

The Cloudcutter said...

Oh beautiful girl! You is so "wisdomous" (like Joey says in Friends).

I love love love everything you write, and the style you write it in. But this post just lept up into my arms and I ain't gonna let go for a long time.

"I must go and find my own joy again."

You don't just tell it like it is, you tell it how it should be told. Every single time.

Anonymous said...

I am more that willing to come and do your garden. I have just finished spreading 2 loads of mulch in my garden. Feels good!
Exotic Gyal

PI said...

Your wish is my command. Come and see:)

Krimo said...

Gigi, I love No.1. You are so right.
I'm still around. Too much to do... too little time.

kfm said...

That is wot I mean Gyal, to each his own...
EG..if you can manage to shovel 2 TONS of rocks...plz do come by...takes almost two days to put it down :0)..we need all the help we can get! have to "mole up dem plants or dem go dead"....

Anonymous said...

13 years ago a I built a rock wall to prevent erosion around my garden. It took me 2 months to move the rocks from my dive way to the ravine. And then another 2 months to build the wall. I will do it for you if you provide food and housing:)))
Exotic Gyal

kfm said...

if ure dis way..leh me know...can provide the food and shelter..and maybe my boys might juuust help...depending on wether(they get to play or get paid)

doing something like that will take months to do if youre working alone..I worked at a landscaping company for 3yrs...used to take our guys one week... but moving rocks is fun..in martial arts we train like that sometimes..we had to move rocks...build a wall..take it down and build it on the other side...haha

Anonymous said...

that's what I like about good old fashion hard work.
Are your boys over 5 years old? Mine just started kindergarten today and I can tell you he is no help doing yard work. Every time I take a wheelbarrow of mulch and empty it I have to give him a ride up in the empty barrow and he yells at the top of his voice GET YOUR FREE RIDE, FREE RIDES:)).
Exotic Gyal

Guyana-Gyal said...

Exotic Gyal and KFM, you two really should meet, you have lots in common and you're two wonderful gals.
Little Elf Boy is now FIVE! Hahahaha, and he sure knows how to have fun. My nephews would love him.

Krimo, HELLO :-D Busy is better than idle. As long as you're happy. How's Papa? Say salaam from us [yes, he never remembers where!].

Pat, thank you! They were lovely. Save them for a granddaughter, and tell her the stories behind them. I wonder who will inherit the quilt :-)