Friday, September 18, 2009

Beauty and the Beast.

You know the story.

Beauty been to seek a rose. Instead, she encounter a miserable Beast. Eventually...etc. The story always go the same way...a li’l variation to the plot here, a li’l addition there and they live happily, etc.

But it wasn’t the happily, etc. that travel with me from child to adult. It was a teeny li’l variation, one line, three words in Cousin Nan story-book. I stare at that line so long, it burn into me memory.

Today, I don’t remember the colours, what style them words been painted in, but I know for sure where they been and when. Beauty arrive at the palace of the Beast late at night. At the gate was bright-bright lamps that light up the archway. In the archway was these words:


Don’t know why that line never went dull. Coulda been the w-w-w alliteration that keep it glowing, like when you blow on embers in a mud-stove. Maybe it was the welcome, so warm, in that light-up gate. Or it was me kismet, me destiny - that line was supposed to light a trail for me, then, after I travel the world via books and conversations and experiences, I would see something in the words themselves.

Recently, finally, after talking again...yet again…about catching that flittery-fluttery gossamer happy-thing, them three words come back to me bright and clear. This time, I see something in them.

I see how, no matter where we live, even in the most beautiful of places, no matter how much good fortune we’s blessed with, that miserable beast got to, it just has to, give we a fight.

But I see this too - if we let imagination shine, beauty gon show up, pure and simple, like a rose. And if we’s bright enough, smart enough, we can figure out how to let this beauty lead we to joy, and this can calm the beast.

If only, if only we can do this…then, whenever the beast rail up...because it don’t sit still forever…then we can know where to find that joy whenever we need it.


Jdid said...

well said

Anonymous said...

GG you think that joy and beauty can really calm the beast?
I feel some beasts can't be calmed ever. The only hope is for a "transformation" ... like into a handsome prince or at the least they could be a little less beastish and a little more self aware.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine quoted this to me yesterday:
A song is no song 'til you sing it.
A bell is no bell 'til you ring it.
And love in your heart wasn't put there to stay.
Love isn't love 'til you give it away.

Maybe that is what beauty & the beast is about. Give the beast some love!!
Exotic Gyal

mike said...

Hey g-g, I did a rain dance for you! Of sorts... start here and click forwards.

PI said...

I like Exotic Gyal's quote. I'll buy that.

Anonymous said...

Is Mike for real????
Exotic Gyal

Guyana-Gyal said...

Pat, I think the story is about more than luuuve. I think it's about art, conversations, music...if I remember Nan's book right...

Mike, I'm's downloading slooowly...slowwwly...ohhhh my, you do look like art and live sculpture, you clever boy, you.

Argh, this connection is so slowwww...

Exotic Gyal, our Neighbour [across the road] once said, "Luuuve, what is luuuuve?"
I think the story is about happiness. Suppose we can't find that perfect someone to make us happy and give us luuuuuve? That's why I think it's about finding ways to calm that unhappy, miserable beast.

Anonymous, hello. Truth is, what I think is not important...what I think is just supposed to be a catalyst to get you (as in the reader) thinking about what you would do to to tame the beast within.
We each must find our own way.

Aiye, thank you, Jdid.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Oooh, yes, Exotic Gyal, Mike was part of a live art project in Trafalgar Square. He was dancing for one hour as part of the project and I asked him to do a rain dance for me.

Anonymous said...

Mike can do any dance he wants for me. He is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

Pl thanks.
Exotic Gyal

Will said...

suddenly i feel soothed... thanks... :-)

Guyana-Gyal said...

You're welcome, Will.
[I still can't believe this is you minus 14 lbs.].

Exotic Gyal, everybody loves Mike. He's energetic, full of ideas, always doing some project [even the 'shirt' project], and he's a generous blogger.

kfm said...

OOOIIIII!! what is love? hmmmmm....hmmmmmm....ah tinking....ask meh again in wan nuther 16 yrs nuh? Oh meh mudda..kyant believe I marrid for almost 16 years to the African Coolie!.... It aint have anyting such as such ting....every ting an every bady gat flaws and and when everyone realizes that, theres nooooo stopping love!...and then the cup shall run over!...

kfm said...


Anonymous said...

I am free Columbus weekend! Are you ready to provide GUYANESE FOOD and lodging to work in your garden??
Exotic Gyal

Kofi Conde said...

I say Amen to that.

Guyana-Gyal said...

grrrr argggh rarrrrgh

bleah booo rarghhhh

can anyone tell I'm feeling miserable?

Anonymous said...

my gyn told me today that I am having symptoms of menopause!!!

join me in feeling miserable, HELP,
Exotic Gyal

Guyana-Gyal said...

Eh? Wha' kinda story is that? Look, send your doctor to Guyana and let she / he feel misery.

I need to WRITE. Whenever I don't write I get miserable. I ain't been writing for a while.

Heh, I bet doctors don't know about that one.