Friday, July 03, 2009

Woman without her man is a beast.

Punctuate that while I go for me walk.

I hope the spur-wing bird don’t fly at me again like some savage dinosaur let loose from a Sci-Fi movie. All because I stand up staring at she in she nest...I am lucky that me is here still, in one piece...


john.g. said...

Put the crash helmet on!

Woman, without her man, is a beast!

john.g. said...

Hell, First!

Will said...

woman: without her, man is a beast.

(but i not so sure i agree with my own punctuation eh - but somebady done tek what i wanted to say fuss time... john.g)...

Hayden said...

had to google spurwing and guyana, and the second reference was this post. Luckily the first reference had a pic of this 8 inch, beautiful monster.

ahhhh... all females can be monsters when guarding their chicks, ehh?

PI said...

Further to what Hayden says; there have been accidents and deaths recently from aggressive cows protecting their calves. Never go between a cow and it's calf.
As for the spurwing - I think it's got a touch of the Hitchcocks:)

raptus8 said...

Colon is used when listing things i ill go with
Woman; without her man, is a beast.

For info on Birds found in guyana.

Almost two weeks ago a black bird with long beaks picked me in my head on Main street. I was walking minding my own business when out of nowhere that brat came and attacked me like i'm a worm or worm or something. She had some nerves. I didn't see it on that site so i can't give the name of the species.

Jdid said...

punctu who? chupse! de woman widout she man is a real beast dennn :-)

naa go with.

woman without her man, is a beast.

and try and throw too big rocks at the bird nuh, you bigger than she ya kno.

Malaika said...

ah gonna go with two people talking bout a baby crying fuh he muddah

Woman - “without her … ”
Man - “iz a beast!”

Aight dat ain mek much sense - ah gon blame it pun de lack of sleep

@Guyana-gyal - at least it wasn't a duck, they don't even need a reason to come after you. Vicious birds ... but they curry so nicely.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Malaika, hee hee...that sound like a big man crying crying for he mother. It sound like a conversation you overhear hee hee.
Duck? Duck does attack people? I know goose does chase people like mad dawg.
Curry them, yeah.

Jdid, nah, nah, you got it see what Will & Malaika say? hehe.
Trow stone at that lil bird? And when I miss...wait til you hear the whole story...

Raptus...MAIN Street? That bird is ruckshan. But look at story here! I never know. You run?

Pat, aggressive cows? Well now I've heard it all. They must be mad cows!
Aiye, imagine what would happen if all the birds in the world were 'Hitchcocked'.

Hayden, this one was bad, very, very bad. A shock for me.

Will, uh-huh, yeah yeah, you wanted to say it the other way. Aww, you know this is the right way.

JohnG, I'll give you 3 choices:
Woman...without her, man is a beast.
Woman - without her, man is a beast.
Woman! Without her, man is a beast.
Or you can choose Will's and Malaika's suggestions too.

Ruthibelle said...

(there is a) Woman without. Her man is a beast.

Without meaning 'outside' in Old English. Get it??

Malaika said...

@GG - maybe it was just my grandfather ducks that were crazy. I swear they used to chase us and the dogs for absolutely no reason.

It's not like we used to sneak up to the nests in the morning and steal the eggs to cook for breakfast. (OK well maybe they had a small reason.)

BTW I had roast duck from Chinatown for dinner - YUMMY!

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Spelling mistake. Woman without man is BEST.

These stories about animal aggression are getting a bit weird. Let me check my bible - this wasn't one of the seven plagues was it?

Guyana-Gyal said...

Daphne, without man, woman is best? But I so love matchmaking man + woman. Romance, romance, Bollywood-style.
Yes, animals are getting out of hand, the next thing you know, they'll be wanting to rule the world...oh, but man...okay, let's not talk politricks...

Malaika, yes, them ducks was crazy, they didn't know their role in life!

Ruthibelle, now I can't stop thinking that outside your window, there is a woman weeping and wailing because of some bad man in her life.

Anonymous said...

WOMAN without man is HAPPY!!

Exotic Gyal

john.g. said...

Man! Without wife, is happy!

Guyana-Gyal said...

JohnG, I don't buh-leeeave that for one minute, I have proof too.

Exotic Gyal, I ain't know WHAT you saying to me, I ain't know AT ALL!

kfm said...

ee nah mek wan diff..
wo(e)(to)man without her, man is a beast...
if it aint have woman, is who go tame de beast? see? even Beauty bin do it...