Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking my nose for a walk.

Was a cool early-morning some months ago when I decide to take me nose for a walk. Normally, I does walk with me eyes only. But that morning I decide that me nose must go too. Never mind that I usually traipse along a town-road and not in country-fields. This particular route, this early, does hardly have traffic.

Oh, what a walk, what a walk it was.

Debutante flowers glistening with dewels, show off individual fragrance.

England, I smell England, what is it, I know that scent, ah yes, wet, cool, haha, like brand-new technology, a new photocopy machine and pure-white paper, haha, yes, I know that is strange, but it is a fresh-clean smell that remind me of the ad office where I used to work, in the Caribbean, mmm, nice, oh, come to think of it, it is like just-washed clothes hanging out in cool, damp air.

Lemony-cologne young chap waft by, spruce-up so early, he must be going to work.

Peeieww, get that carbon outta here, it don’t belong on this green earth...y’know, that is why I don’t walk on the seawall, I can’t take the pungent black carbon pumping from trucks on the public road, I don’t know how people can walk there, thinking they doing their bodies good, breathing in garbage and poo-odour from sewerage flushing into the sea. Granted, sometimes, when you’s lucky, all there is, is brine and mud and alive fish, but that is when the tide is high, washing away the human-damage.

Bread! Omegosh bread fresh baking bread, ah, bread, yes, a bakery is near here Cousin Yasmeen did tell me. Mmm, thick, plush hot fat plait bread with butter melting and warm home-coffee with full-fat milk like what Pappy used to give we grandchil’ren late afternoon after a heavy day o' play. Tennis-rolls! Mm, soft sweet-lemony tennis rolls with ice-cold mauby from Mr. C. shop on a hot afternoon in Kitty, older cousin used to take them li’l ones to buy. Bread, bread oh bread.

Dew-wash grass and woodsy-green daisy scent. And in the old bruka-down factory yard where geese honk I recognise that long-ago smell of leaves decomposing, going back to the beginning, to soil, and old-trees scents with guava-ish, bitter-green smell take me back to me early days in Nanee and Pa backyard.

I go home, refreshed.

This morning, I walk again after a couple o’ weeks vegetating at home, I need to get rid of the chemical-smell that the Foreignam lady next door spray for two evenings last week. Make me sneezy and nauseous, that smell, it is still there, hanging in the air like doom, must get it out from me eyes, me nose, me hair, that malathion-carbolic stink.

Aw man, the bakery been late, and them flowers been lolling around doin' nothing today, it seem. I gon try again tomorrow morning...but never mind, them old leaves and the dark, cool shade of trees from the ol' factory yard did come to me again...


PI said...

I loved that walk with you GG and I was with you all the way and when they were pooey smells I didn't inhale. Lets do it again:)
Tarnation! W.V. is cessn

Jacqueline Smith said...

I know about that smell of bread from a bakery. There used to be one at the bottom of the hill from my primary school in Mt. Idustry. How did we ever learn anything with that huge distraction? Ooh I would eat some o that right now!

Kofi Conde said...

You asked me once to ask a relative of mine if she ever missed "home"? She often does. This walk today made ME miss it...yes.

I love your writing as well. You write with such ease that we can almost become comfortable with how stunning your use of words are before we realize it. Thanks, till next time.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Jacqueline, I didn't have a bakery outside my classroom window but I used to daydream a lot, it helped to get rid of the booooorrrring snoooorring tedious classes [I had boring teachers mostly].

Pat, I looove my early morning walks. And I do so enjoy the walks you describe.
Haha, I wonder who does the word verification, I feel like asking the blogger people, I wonder if they'll tell.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Aww, Kofi, I didn't mean to make you feel homesick. Will you visit one day, do you think?
You have a new name, don't you? I recognise your writing style, it leaves me breathless.
And thank you for your kind words about my writing, they mean a lot to this insecure writer.

john.g. said...

G.G.,you'll have to take me for a *push* around you walk. It sounds delightful!

Jdid said...

i vex wid you now :-(
just this morning i was going blog bout smells and you beat me to it.

actually i going still blog bout it when i get the chance but ya tief me thoughts
just kidding

oh and i had some tennis rolls the other day. was surprised to see them in the big supermarket but some small guyanese bakery supplying them. aint had nun a dem for a long long time musse since childhood.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Jdid, ow, the strangest things does happen in the blogosphere, people does read each other mind and all kinda things. So is like I read you mind and get to write about it first. I want to read about smells in Canada! Is my way of travelling.
Try hot tennis roll and cheese! Ow, me hungry now.

JohnG, I would, gladly and I would pester you with comments like, Hey, wow, smell those flowers. Wow, you see that? I would introduce you to strangers too...yep, strangers to me too, haha. I talk to strangers.

Anonymous said...

Tennis roll with dutch head cheese and cream soda with milk and lots of ice, my mouth is watering right now.
BTW do you know why we called it dutch head cheese, it used to come wrapped up in red plastic and wax???

I am happy that you are taking time to smell the roses, wish I was there to walk with you:))
Exotic Gyal

sablonneuse said...

Mmmmm. I enjoyed that walk too, G-G. The smell of freshly baked bread is something special - a simple pleasure but mouthwateringly delicious.

WizzyTheStick said...

okay I am curious...what is a tennis roll? Is it a type of sweet bun? Love your writing style - you have drawn me in.

kfm said...

woo-hoo..allergy free too

kfm said...

oh wait! I dounze tree deh-deh still? over de road by the shop?

john.g. said...

Can i wear earplugs? *wheels off*

Guyana-Gyal said...

Go ahead, JohnG, wear 'em all you want. I will poke, jab, prod.

KFM, hmm, good question...dounze tree...I think it still there...I got to check.
Ooh, yes, nooooo allergies.

Hello Whizzy, welcome to Guyana and thank you. How I like your name. And your foodilicious blog. Oh, yes, tennis roll is a big roll, white bread, sweetish with a slight lemon flavour.

Sab, after reading Peter Mayle, I'm convinced that no country smells as lovely as France in the it true?

Exotic, they call it Dutch head because it comes from Holland? I HAVE NOOOO idea. But iz a nice cheese, eh?
Heh, your garden is now trim and tidy. New person. I kinda miss the other chap, he was a bit eccentric. Sometimes, a reeeally good-lookin' one used to go there too.
I saw the turtle twice. He was big.

kfm said...

dat dounze bin sweet dem use to sell...dem put it in wan brown paper bag..10 fee wan dallah...mmmmmm
i bin tinkin bout C Mauby 4 days ago with de rolls...cause de place hot baaaad an i bin tinkin how nice it would be to drink some now...mmmmmm...
ah eat mango wid sal an peppa yestiday..ah gettin wata leh-leh

Keith said...

Sandy - I always bake my own bread. So if you stayed with me for hol you would get that bakery smell two times a week! I can't stand the muck sold it supermarkets nowadays.

GG- If you want to get the REAL smell of England stand near one of our motorways with your eyes closed, in the pouring rain and next to an overflowing open sewer (commonly called a "river") and you will get a vague idea of what it is like.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Keith, I will stand outside your home and sniff and sniff that freshly baked bread until you feel guilty and invite me in. I will bring masala chai to go with the bread.
No, no, you CANNOT disillusion me like that, England has a lovely, wonderful fragrance, haven't you heard that song? [Emerson, Lake and Palmer sang their version]. 'And did those feet, in ancient times, walk upon England mountains green?' In that song, England smells WONDERFUL.

KFM, the dounze tree is gone. Or it is that shrivelled tree I saw this morning.

office pest said...

It's just started sprinkling with rain here, and it makes the dust smell like, I don't know, toasted mushrooms. A sweet smell with a sharp undertone.

Mind you, we could do with some of your heat. It's a cool, wet summer in England and we have a big barbeque tomorrow for my daughter's 8th birthday. I'm going to rig a big tarpaulin over the back yard tomorrow so we can sit around under that!

I enjoy your fine writing very much. Take care of yourself over there G-G.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hello Office Pest, welcome to a hot-hot-hot place, it's only 8 a.m. and way too warm already.

Mmm, toasted mushrooms, sounds good. With cheese?

Happy Birthday to your little one, I hope you have warmth, sunshine, blue sky and won't need the tent.

Tell you what, you face south and blow the rain this way. I'll face north and blow the heat your way. We'll exchange weather.

Thank you for your kind words about my writing!