Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Free Lunch Day and the circus.

Hark, hark them dawgs did bark, the circus been in town...oh couldn’t hear them bark. Police sirens been screaming up and down the road, piercing like countryside-women voices when they quarrelling on neighbours or fambly. Normally, you can hear Zackie, Auntie H. dawg, hollering when a siren wail. Zackie does shet he eyes, raise he head, put he mouth in a’ O and howwwl. Couldn’t hear he last week. Them sirens, two, three, four, been screaming all at once.

Most times, when a police siren howl, I does think, Hmmm, police fetching he wife or gyalfriend to the market to buy she greens. (Look, I ain’t saying that is a fact, I just saying I does think it. Blame the ex-cop who did tell me). Last week though, them sirens wail and wail because the Free Lunch Circus been in town. I don’t know if the police was transporting them performers from the Free Lunch Building to hotels, to-and-fro or what.

As for the media...don’t know what it is about them and politicians...some media folks can proper wag and wiggle with excitement, trying to cosy up to men with power.

What a la-la.

Every year is the exact-same show. One year me Jamaican gal-pal email me from she island: CARICOM is having a meeting here. The media excitement is disgusting. CARICOM is just a free lunch.

Last week, I ketch a glimpse of them performers here on tee vee, Caribbean leaders in shine suits, none in rags, bursting at the seams with pomposity. I ain’t bother to listen. They does regurgitate talk from the previous year. We must integrate or perish.

Before I switch channels, I notice a couple o’ them did look sleepy. Must be because we the hospitable people of Guyana feed them ‘til their belly-skin get so tight, it pull down their eyelids.

They certainly didn’t look hungry. Some o’ them proper look pregnant.

Maybe they need to fast a little, do a li’l Ramadan time, to understand hunger, urgency, and need for action, instead of sitting around the ol’ pot, promising a wicked Caribbean soup full o’ tasty, chunky things like regional integration, skills and goods sharing. The pot must be empty. Because, up to this day, we the ordinary citizens of the Caribbean Community can’t get a whiff of this meal.

Must be a watery alphabet soup from a can that they making.

Early in the 2000’s, one young Caribbean leader, new to the scene, did try to change the recipe. He say, It is time to stop the talk; now we must act. I bet resentment did stew up in some o’ them grey heads.

The other day I say to my mother, Humph, they keep talking about performance and acting together, I bet if they had to ketch each other on a trapeze, they would let each other fall.


Guyana-Gyal said...

N.B. This post is NOT about politics. This is about human behaviour, etc, etc. Psychology etc etc.

Hayden said...

a local philospher, Sam Keen, took up trapeze work in his 60's. He's tall, thin, strongly built, and tried to be a "flyer" for several years with mixed success. He held his hands up to show us, HUGE hands with the span of a much bigger man. He said "do these look like the hands of a flyer? It took awhile before I realized... I'm a CATCHER, it's simply what I AM."

Acting together takes both: most folks, though, want to be flyers and devil take the consequences of all flyers, no catchers!

bakannal said...

I was one of the journalists covering the summit and I wouldn't say there was any excitement but being without you probably have a different perspective.

What I will say is that we felt just as disgusted with the "talk shop." The first question that was asked at the closing press conference was what systems were in place to ensure this time was different from the preceding 29 summits. Below is the Caricom Secretary General's answer verbatim:

"The issue of implementation of the decisions taken at the Heads was very closely discussed in the context of structures of governance, enhancement of the structures of governance in the Community. And a number of ideas have been discussed; we have almost completed a design which will be discussed and hopefully concluded at the meeting in Dominica in February."

Make of that what you will.

bakannal said...

jeez, that's a long-ass comment. my apologies.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Bakannal, no, no, don't apologise, I enjoyed your comment.
Shees. They really can do psycho-babble, eh?
I don't BELIEVE it, after all this time, they're still 'beating up their gums', as Jamaicans say.
As for those media folks wagging and wiggling...notice I say 'some'.

Hayden, I know exactly what you mean.
I like this Sam Keen story.

PI said...

I don't care who's wearing them I can't abide shine suits.

Will said...

ditto PI...

i lost my faith in shine suits years ago - once i hit voting age and started taking an interest...

if only integration was as simple as cricket, uwi and liat... oh wait... dammit...

bakannal said...

lol @ will.

Sam said...

Politicians are the same world over, even their dress code. Show me an honest politician and I will show you an honest lawyer, but then most of them are lawyers. Hahahaha

The Cloudcutter said...

Hey GG! Dropping by here after a while. Your blog is fascinating as always. So much to learn about a world so far away and yet, in some tiny way, so close.

PatrickyCymro said...

Talk about circus Gyal? You live here, next parish to Bonnie Prince Charlie of Wales! He bought a farm for his 'Welsh Home'. Always tell when he's around, soldiers in the trees, helicopters overhead, girl who works for me stopped SIX TIMES in half a mile of road by the police on her way to work! Funny men in long coats with bulging hip pockets all around. Mind you, everyone who's met the poor sod say he's charming----he can all in for a cup of tea (no rum round here --- worse luck) any time he likes.
Sorry, must go put the keetle on --- someone on the yard.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Haha, Patrick, I was just reading up about Guinea and all that talk about coups and wars was still in my head when I read your comment about soldiers in trees and helicopters...for one split second I thought there was a war in your neighbourhood.
Maybe the girl who works for you is cute and the boy-police like her.
Oh, you must be hospitable and invite you new neighbour over for tea.

Hi Gia, welcome back.

Sam, Sam, hahaha naughty, naughty, there must be a good one or two out there? Not that I know any.
Oh wait, I know ONE lawyer.
He's not honest.
Ha, I wonder what politicians say about us, the citizens they're supposed to take care of, gosh, I'd love to know.

Will, I knew someone who used to say, if it's too simple then it can't get done, haha.

Pat, and worse yet, if it looks like polyester.

Caribbean Colors said...

AWE SHUCKS! I thought Caricom was going to SAVE ME. They seem to be as ineffectual as the OAS.

Jdid said...

when they talk bout integrate I believe they duz be thinking bout math class, caculus and all that sorta ting cause all like now i aint see no other integration going on.

free lunch indeed. and yes gyal them fella fat! two mornings in office and all dem duz put on 25 pounds.

Nick Matyas said...

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