Friday, April 18, 2008

Fifteen minutes.

Strangers walking, passing, some say G’morning, some whisper with a shy, soft smile, Morrrnin’.

Some say Garumph.

Some look with cold eyes, I scurry quick, quick past.

Bicycle, mini-bus, car, oh kakadoodle man, why this bus got to drive so fast? One more coat o’ paint, he coulda knock me down right here in this grass.

Mister with the stocky build from the next neighbourhood greet in a bright, broad way as he walk briskly on, Good Maaarnin’, which does make me grin because he is local white and he ain’t suppose to talk like countryside folks.

Tall, dark, elderly gentleman with a face falling into droops, Hello, how’re you, he ask; I am fine thank you, I reply, and we hurry on; he did try to get me to go with he to he holiday-home by a riverside; I refuse by singing rhapsodies about me best friend in the whole, wide world.

Another elderly man, tall, dark and lean, walking perfectly upright, salute.

Water lily stalks with the nut centers bare at the top, after they petals fade and gone, they look like shrunken aliens all staring in one direction. I don’t know what they saying but it sound like the silent ooooooooohm of aliens calling home.

“Who you see, who you talk to?” my mother ask.

“I see my ex-class-mate mother, she give me news of she daughter in the Island.”

“I see the canal bubbling like soup with all them fish.”

I see a yellow budgie on the road, mamma, it musta escape from some cage, he hanging out with them ground doves that Mrs. R. does feed, but them ground doves barely tolerating he; I see the Whistlin’ Doc, he and Auntie H. about to have breakfast in the garden, he wave the chair that he been fetching, I wave me two hands, I see so many things in just me fifteen minutes walk…


cadiz12 said...

the last few weeks i've been walking through downtown to get to work and the peoplewatching is mesmerizing! no wonder i'm suddenly late for work all the time (however, that's probably got more to do with my not having to catch a train anymore).

john.g. said...

Hi, GG, what a lovely post! I can picture it all.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that you are still walking around the neighborhood. I used to sit and look at you in the mornings and say that I should get out and join you to enjoy the fresh air. I never did, one of the regrets in my life. Hope we get to walk together sometime and enjoy nature's free pleasures:)))
Exotic Gyal

Jdid said...

sounds like an interesting walk

Stunner said...

Who knew one 15mins walk would be reveal so many things!

a usual suspect. said...

Hey, GG, I been meaning to visit for sometime. You remind me of my friend Denise, my ex-paramedic partner I worked with in Brooklyn. She's from Guyana too. I heard lots of stories about your country in the 10 years we worked together.

sablonneuse said...

Wish I could make a short walk sound so entertaining. Loved the 'one more coat of paint and the bus would have knocked me over' bit.

Luciano Mende said...

Brazil - Takutu bridge likely opening July 2008?

Olivia said...

Oh I love walks for the sake of walking. that's when you see everything and savour it - not when you're rushing to work or dragging yourself home...

Krimo said...

Just come in from Salsa class... A brisk walk!
Listening to your golden oldies. Great. Especially Cherry Oh Baby.

Caroline said...

Hmmm... I think blogger is playing up again... I left a comment here yesterday and its not here today...

Anyway --- Good Morning!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Good morning, Caro, your comment seems to have vanished, I'm now checking my blog, it's 4:57 am, Monday. What did you say, what did you say?

Salsa, Krimo, life's looking good! I'm glad you enjoyed those oldies, especially Cherry oh baby. The Stones did their version of it too, and the London something Orchestra performed [and recorded] it.

I have to drag myself out of bed to walk, Olivia. But if I don't walk I go nuts, I've been home alllll day, recently. I need to get out more.

Bom dia, Luciano. I don't know when but it's going to be great.

Sab, it was a film-maker who made me see the world this way...when I was working in tv, he came for a one-week training session and he said we should open our eyes this way.

Hello Suspect, you're welcome to visit every time. I've been meaning to visit you too thanks to your hilarious comments at Zoe's. Believe every word Denise said, even if her stories seemed bizarre. Paramedic. Brooklyn. What an interesting life!

Stunner, it's your countryman, lecturer-film-maker, who made me see this way, when I walk.

Jdid, that train ride you once wrote about is the best, I never forgot it.

Heyyyy, Exotic Gyal, I was talking about you the other day on Zoe's blog, in the comments section...remember how you deal with people who yak on the cell phone at lunch? Yeah, I used to want to call you out to go walking!

Hellooo John G. You're welcome, I'd take you for a walk everyday if I could, and my friend Annie [I'm volunteering her without her knowledge but she's such a kind gal] she'd take you to pubs where you'd meet the maddest people.

Hahaha, Cadiz, you dawdle? I don't blame you, I've heard that Chicago is lovely, beautifully planned. I envy. Actually Georgetown was beautifully planned by the old city fathers but thanks to MODERN developers and builders you can't see the graceful lines of the city anymore.

bakannal said...

you make me wanna come walk with you.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Bakannal, you reincarnated?

PI said...

“Who you see, who you talk to?” my mother ask.
Just exactly what I say to MTL. Why do men not have the gift of the gab?