Monday, July 16, 2007

A modern tale

Once upon a now time, it got a gyal who believe in love and romance.

When she was a chile, about five years old, she get a book name Sleeping Beauty. She love this book so much she walk around she home clutching it in one hand, hugging it close to she li’l chest. One afternoon, she read the book again while she mummy sew and she daddy laze on the wood floor, trying to doze.

She daddy look at she reading the book. He snicker. “After she sleep for one hundred years, she mouth must smell so stink,” he say.

That whole afternoon the li’l chile stay very vex with she daddy for saying that.

As she grow up though, she get to realise the truth about what she daddy did say. She learn too that princes don’t rescue gyals, that no gyal should depend on no man to save she.

She parents set a fine example, both o’ them pool ideas and strength to build they li’l family business, and she mother is a great brain in the enterprise, writing them business letters and meeting people. After the daddy pass away the mother conduct business very capably, and she try to teach the gyal whatever she can.

Unfortunately, in Guyana where the gyal grow up, not plenty women got this good luck, and the gyal see too many women out there dependent on men, sucking on to them for they money, waiting, hoping for salvation. And because of poverty, too many women go up for sale in one way or another, and them men pick, choose, refuse all the gyals they want. Some men keep two, three gyals at one time.

Ow, how the gyal heart does ache in sorrow for them women who ain’t got the education, the know-how to help theyselves, to evade the long-reaching, tight-squeezing hands of Poverty. Gyal try to teach whatever she can, to any woman who want to learn a skill; she encourage, push, nag women into getting up and making something for theyselves. And when they listen and do, she feel as if she accomplish the greatest deed in the world.

Recently, a neighbour, Exotic Gyal, lend the gyal a tongue-in-cheek book, ‘Politically Correct, The Ultimate Storybook’ by James Finn Garner. Some o’ them stories is about women who fight up and carry on and start they own industry. Cinderella ain’t wait for no prince to find she glass slipper, that’s fo’ sure.

Yesterday, a slumbering Sunday afternoon, the gyal settle down to dig into this book. As she turn them pages, something inside she just ain’t feel…what is the word…right. She feel as if something disturb she equilibrium, shift it a li’l bit. She think, I ain’t like this, I ain’t too like this at all, they tampering with me well-beloved myths.

Gyal switch on the tee vee.

And what she see showing?

Pretty Woman.

And what the gyal do?

She put down the book and watch Pretty Woman for the umpteenth time. Sigh and laugh and enjoy. For the umpteenth time.


She just ain’t know.

And this morning, she and Rehanna the cleaning gyal, discuss how, when a gyal want she man to do something...or not do, she got to nag and beg and plead and whine. It ain’t matter how good and sweet and kind he is, he gon do it in he own time...or not. If he feel like doin’ it...or not.

Mm-hmm, once upon a now time, it got a gyal who believe in love and romance.

And reality.


sablonneuse said...

I'd like to believe that love and romance can exist hand-in-hand with reality.
In fact, it must, but just not everywhere and all the time.

NaiveIgnorance said...

And that gyal is GG!

Oh, I watched Pretty Woman yesterday too!

Jumbie Queen said...

Hubby and I celebrated our 25th anniversary last October. Lots of love through the years... lots of romance even still... reality just keeps things interesting! :)


Kat said...

Real men don't swoop in on white horses, they mess up and make up. Forget your birthday, but remember what you wore on your third date. Slip extra money into your purse when you say you're going shopping. Fairy tale love is made from real life.

gishungwa said...

I like that love, romance and reality.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hi Gishungwa, I read somewhere that women want romance, men want sex...and if couples realise this and give the other what he / she wants...yeah yeah...what a perfect world it would be :-D

Kat, speaking of birthdays, I don't allow noooobody to forget my birthday...I remind remind remind.

Jumbie Queen...congratulations! 25th anniversary. That reminds me of Neighbour and her hubby...we call them the honeymoon couple. People like you give me hope.

Hi Naive, that gyal is many gyals...I know lot of them ;-)

You're right Sablonneuse, not all the time...too much of a good thing ain't good for nothing, my father used to say...hmmm, I think JDid, a blogger said that too.

cadiz12 said...

i'm thinking love and romance must be hiding in those mundane moments. well, that's what i'm hoping, anyway.

man, now your pops has me rethinking sleepin beauty, too!

ML said...

No harm in believing in love and romance. It make you feel good, but you're right, reality is a must in there too!

PI said...

After a long, long time I got romantic but there is a very healthy dose of reality also - I sure wasn't born yesterday!
I strongly support the emancipation of women bur I don't believe it requires ball breaking. And I don't think it's a good idea to try to look like a man in the process. If this makes sense?

Ri said...

GG - I dont say I'm romantic, but maybe I am a li'l bit.

DCveR said...

A gal fought back. A friend. She's getting divorced and moving on with her life. Guess I must get her to read your post... because she seems to think reality and romance can't coexist.

DaveM said...

Sleeping Beauty had a big effect on me when I read it all those years ago, I must have been about 8.

Alexandra said...

like my grandma teach me- be the woman, dont wait for a man to rescue you, get all the stuff done for yourself- then tell your man how smart he is and how you dont know what you'd do without him ...hehehe

men just cant handle the truth that women really dont need men. now if only women could learn to handle this truth...

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Romance and reality, oh yes. Top Bloke has a phrase he uses to describe this - 'everyday magic' - it's there, Cadiz12; it doesn't shout like the grand gestures, but I think it means more overall.

Louis-Fran├žois Pilard said...

Yes, rosemantic love does exist: I seen it last night in the Grand Palais in Paris (France) where the Cuba National Ballet performed Gisele. Not a word. Only music and ample or tiny, quick or very slow gestures by muscular and supple bodies for two hours.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Bonjour Louis, are you in Paris aujourdhui? How is it? How I'd love to see real ballet. Swoon. Rosemantic love. [Haha, your 'rumantic love' comment was good 'n' punny.]

'Everyday magic.' Zin, tell Top Bloke I like that. Seeking everyday magic in the quiet, small things...that's what fascinates me...not the grand drama.

Y'know Alexandra, it's women like your grandma who should be doing workshops, teaching women all sorts of stuff!

Aww Davem, don't stop there...what effect did it have on you? Go on, tell!

D, print this story and give it to her. I hope you can help her some way, poor girl, I've seen the effects of divorce. Very painful.

RI, you're one brave man to admit even this. Nuff respect, my frien'.

Pat, I admit, I love the feminine style too. Your love story is fascinating, so much happening there, I can't wait to see how you develop, grow, become you.

ML, I guess the danger is when people fall in love with love.

On gosh Cadiz, you should've seen how VEXED I was with my dad though. You and Zin agree about the magic in mundane, everyday life. Going for walks in moonlight. Bliss.

Mad Bull said...

I think love, romance and reality CAN co-exist. I agree with you re the women without education....

PI said...

I've given you an award over at my site. If you like it you can pass it on to 5 others you think deserve it.

Beenzzz said...

Love should always be present in some form or another in a relationship. Romance is a special thing that should come up when it come up. Reality however, is always there and needs to be dealt with all the time. They can co-exist. There is just a time and place for all of them I suppose.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Beenzzz, I was thinking more about this romance thing...I think I live in a romantic world in my head, I seek it in sunsets, in music at nights...or maybe that's not romance, that's joy...I don't know the difference now.

Pat, I'm running over to you RIGHT NOW!

Oh MB, if only our govts. would realise this, that they need to educate, educate, educate...and I don't mean university education, I mean a solid primary school teaching for all, kinda like what our parents had.

Cream said...

We look for romance in daydreams.
But if we look hard enough we can find it in our reality.
I just did...

Guyana-Gyal said...

Cream, you know I'm hoping, praying it's good news you have!

Cream said...

I sent you an email explaining why I am happy again.
And thanks for your prayers.

Mary said...

You know what I say...if there's something you want get it yourself. Women must be independent and then the romance will come.

granny p said...

No either/or GG. Keep all of it - I an cynical and romantic both, still, at my time of life. AND WHYEVER NOT!!

Gela said...

Hehe, I like this post.

Mighty Afroditee said...

I LOVED this post. Almost fell off de bed at the stink breath reference. LMAO. What a way to shatter the romantic ideal. Then, pretty woman. Sigh. Loved that movie, but cant watch it again. All I can think about is prostitution, AIDS...sigh. Reality bites!