Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Last night frawstration

March, April, May, whap whap whap, them months hit we whap whap whap, I try not to break, I feel so vex and helpless last night, March April May, each month one bad thing happen, one per month.

Yesterday midday, the rain lash down and whip up a li’l flood again, I pray that the water ain’t swell-up high, high like it do in January ’05 and leave we with doo-doo to wash away afterwards.

March April May, one bad thing after another, ma, I ask, why so much bad things been happening recently, grrr. I don’t know, I just don’t know, she say.

I think me back bruk, me and the gardener been lifting stuff yesterday afternoon, things that we store in the apartment downstairs. Me teeth soak, me bones saturate-up, glug, glug glug, I been out in the rain with umbrella and long boots, wading home after I park the car on a high road, wutliss rain invade under me umbrella.

My mother been sitting in the veranda, waiting for me.

“I’m sinnnnnging in the rain, I’m lauuuughing again…” I holler to she.

Lunatic laughter.

A mini-li'l flood again, oye kakamolee, all that cleeeeaning again, that is what is vexing me, oh the cleeeeaning again…

Internet bruk again yesterday, last night.

Hahahaha I’m lauuuughing in the…oh look, here comes the sun…


sablonneuse said...

oh poor you. After our one-off hailstorm last week I'll count myself lucky that it only resulted in squashed flowers in the garden and a flooded conservatory -just water and a bit of mud.
Hope it doesn't happen too frequently chez-vous.

Louis-Fran├žois Pilard said...

As the submarine was checking how well the wire that gives Internet To Surinam, Guiana and Guyana had been fixed it hit it I heard, and then it was damaged again. But then it's been fixed again hasn't it? Are they going to check again?
Rain's been pouring down here too. Some places inland have been flooded. Mine, four meters above sea level, hasn't yet. But the house is sometimes surrounded with big ponds as the showers shower that then are slowly swallowed by the laterite soil. And yes, the sun does keep coming back, even stronger. I mean to stay here.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Louis, I just read about it in our newspapers, as soon as the equipment fixed the problem, it pulled the cable. For some reason I laughed, it just seemed so...ridiculous! I went for a walk in the hot sun and was good. When you say 'I mean to stay here' do you mean at home, or in Fr. Guiana? [Oh, LOL at your boredom-bedroom comment].

Ay yai yai Sablonneuse, I know I shouldn't grumble, but there's just so much bad luck a gal can take. Hail. Whew. Is it scary?

DCveR said...

Woe is you you GG!
Hope your fortune changes for the better real soon!
The weather has been playing nasty tricks around these parts too. In northern Portugal there was such an hailstorm this last weekend that two days after you could pick ice balls the size of a chestnut from the fields. Crops were completely destroyed.

Louis-Fran├žois Pilard said...

Here is Guiana. There is metropolis as we say here. I like it here. I also like thinking of there. Here the weather is always warm. I didn't think I would like that. Now I do. But then I have family ties there. All of them are there by the way. So I don't really know what to want. This is why I'm presently enjoying the here and now.

cadiz12 said...

that's what i love about you, gg. you always find that ray of sunshine no matter how bad it gets. i hope you're keeping dry!

Robin said...

GG you definitely don't-don't want the doo-doo again! :0)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Robin, you bet I most certainly do-do not want that again :-D

Thank you Cadiz. I guess being related to a mad lot helps me to see the sunshine, they keep me happy.

That's one the best ways to enjoy life, eh Louis...the here and now. Wouldn't it be great if your family can come to Fr. Guiana and like the sun too?

Two days! Wow. Dcver, I've never seen hail, I just can't imagine lumps of ice in a field. Those poor farmers. Woe is them, I'm not grumbling anymore.

Shrimpy said...

Bad luck or just lack of luck? Either way, its never fun :( Sounds like your cheery soul will pull you through just fine though :)

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ML said...

When yuh teeth soak you know it's really bad man! What rotten weather. I hope your back is not really bruk.

Robert Alleyne said...

Excellent words spoken! Today's the first, that I have seen and read your works. I must say, it reminds me of my days as a small boy growing up in Guyana (on Cummings Street, (right behind our fence was St. Barnabas School)during the sixties, hearing words like yours flowing from my grandmother's mouth. You must be a young one in an old soul to be pouring words such as yours in poetry. Folks should be paying to read your words. Much appreciated.

Warm regards

Robert Alleyne
IFC Washington, DC

granny p said...

June has just got to be good. Singing in the sun...

Guyana-Gyal said...

Aye yai yai, Granny P, thank you, I hope so too, June has just got to be good. If I could put in a weather request I'd ask for a lovely balance between rain and sun.

Hello Robert, welcome to Guyana :-) You won't believe how what you said about my writing has me walking on Cloud 9...a rainy Cloud 9 but still happy. Cummings St! I told my mother Murray St, [now Quamina St], no wonder she's saying she doesn't know any St. Barnabas on Murray St. [I have a very bad sense of direction].

ML, it feel bruk, ow, ow. This weather, people say it's because of global warming. I think it's just plain ol' May-June rains, and garbage cluttering the canals. And improper planning.

Hello Shrimpy, welcome. I'm cheery and grateful. I hope the flood doesn't come back though.

bakannal said...

i like rain, but jeez...and the internet...sigh.

PI said...

GG I'd love to have seen you singin' and splashin' and laughin'. I'm returning the compliment and sending good weather and puter vibes and keep doo doo deep down below where it should be.

'And what is so rare as a day in June?
Then, if ever, come perfect days;
Then Heaven tries earth if it be in tune,
And over it softly her warm ear lays;
Whether we look, or whether we listen,
We hear life murmur, or see it glisten;'
James Lowell

Olivia said...

Poor you, it's not fair is it? And it's 2007! SEVEN is supposed to be a lucky number!

Maybe July will be better.

I'm intrigued by this submarine hitting the cables business...