Friday, May 25, 2007

Lall et al

The flood linger, linger like sorrow, early midday yesterday the water been at we gateway and around the edges of we yard, hemmed in by walls. It finally leak away, say goodbye late midday.

I go for we car out on the high road yesterday morning. All we neighbours been cleaning. Everybody except we. And Fazal we gardener ain't coming to clean 'til today, Friday.


I walk mortified towards we car. Everybody except we been swishing, swashing, swooshing. I want to keep up with them Joneses!

Fazal is coming with Lall to clean. Lall is 19 but up to February this year he look like 14. Yesterday evening Fazal and Lall pass by here on they bicycles. Wonder of wonders, Lall now got stuff sprouting on he top lip.

Lall is pleasant but he laziness is a legend. Some months ago, Fazal did hire he to help with work here. My mother say Lall take a century to do the job.

“Boy, you take so long to finish this li’l thing I bet you don't do does help your mother?” she ask Lall.

“No,” he answer with a smile.

“You don't help your mother in the house?” my mother ask in mock-shock.

“No. She not here.”

“Why? She left you all and gone away?”

“No,” Lall say.

“What happen to she then?”

“She dead.”

“Boy, why you ain’t say so in the first place, you got me asking you all these questions.”

“You nah ask,” Lall reply in he matter of fact way. You didn’t ask.

My mother is a persevering type. She ask Lall if he does work elsewhere.

“Me use to have a job with a rich, rich man, I use to get pay $6,000 a week.”

“So why you stop working there, Lall?”

“Me father no have no job so me give he me job.”

Aiyee, maamee, paapee, I wonder if them Joneses does have talks like this. I hearing clunk, clunk downstairs, I better go and see what's happening, help move breakables...


Robert Alleyne said...

Your everyday words are uplifting …. they bring a joy to the reader…giving them just enough ….. to come back another day for more readings. Your words are like an aphrodisiac (not in the sexual way) pleasurable to read and laugh and think…because that what your words do. They make you think, visualize. They say come with me…..take a ride… Splendid!!!! After all these words are flowing from that ole soul of yours. Cheers

Robert Alleyne

DCveR said...

Makes one count his own blessings...
Gosh, I really was missing your stories.

cadiz12 said...

poor kid.

larry h. said...

Seems like Guyana has been hit with some heavy raining. We've had quite an interesting April here in NYC. My gut instinct tells me that this preparing us for the fiery hot days of summer.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Larry, I predict snow for New York this summer, hee hee hee. Global Warming, that's who to blame. My mother said she remembers a huuuuuge flood as a child.

He's doing okay, Cadiz, cheerfully working away. Oh boy, I'm glad they came, my mum and I wouldn't be able to lift those heavy many rooms, sheds, etc to clean.

That's what it's all about, D, counting one's blessings. I'm counting, I'm counting...

Robert, can you see me grinning like the chesire cat? You really have made my day. Thank you, thank you!

Hayden said...

oooh, boy. soo easy to judge, so hard to know. THANK YOU for the reminder... what a world!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hayden, sleepy head me can't figure out what my reminder was, what did I remind you about...

Haha, my Aussie friend describes Lall as 'the laconic limpet.'

PI said...

I'm glad you have got some help even if Lall isn't rarin' to go. Poor boy! But I bet your Mum will inspire him to put his back in it a bit more.
It must have been awful to cope with all that effluence. Fingers crossed for some decent weather for you.

Olivia said...

Hehe, what your mum said to Lall, "Boy, why you ain't say so in the first place" made me laugh.
She's right though, he should have.

So what is an Aussie doing in Guyana?

The Aunt said...

These brand new trainer moustaches on upper lips, often seen on the metro near schools, always set up within me an urge to go on a waxing rampage.

Would it class as an assault or would I be applauded?

Michelle said...

Lall sounds like a guy who used to work for my dad - Larry.

When my dad shut his business we lost touch until, ten years later, Larry popped up self-employed painting houses.

We hired him. He took about 3 months to paint our house! But he's such a nice guy you kind of put up with it.

Caroline said...

Good to hear from you - I hope you are surviving all the water.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

At least it's not as bad as the Jan 05 one. Hope the clean-up is quick and easy. (And, Aunt, I'd be applauding.)

Guyana-Gyal said...

The little flood is gone now, Zin. But we somehow don't trust those who are in charge of pumping out the water, we think they're the cause, we think it's not heavy rains...all sort of cynical thoughts going around in the city.

Rain, rain, rain, Caro. I love rain as long as there's no flood.

Michelle, that's EXACTLY it, we feel sorry for Lall, we put up with his inefficiency.

Haha, Aunt, anything goes as long as you don't whack 'em with your handbag :-D

Olivia, Aussies live everywhere, even here. I bet they're even on the moon, doing crazy Aussie things.

Pat, we have lots of Lalls in Guyana...half efficient young people, heaven knows how you get them thinking, moving. As for the rain...I love it as long as it stays unflooded!!

Stunner said...

We've been having some rains here in Jamaica too, lots of it!

Sad situation with that young man.

Olivia said...

LOL I know, but he had to go at some point, "So where shall I live? How about Guyana..." Or maybe he shut his eyes and threw a dart at the map of the world. Or maybe his company sent him. Or mayyyybe he's an industrial spy!

OK I will shut up now. I have been leaving odd comments all day...