Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Time do a strange thing to me this week gone.

Every day last week been long long long, ram-jam pack with activities, from sunrise ‘til way beyond sunset, far into the night. Yet, when I turn around and look…voops…the week speed and gone.

Been to the countryside with Auntie M, laughs with she as usual.
Family come from Abroad. More family tales and laughs.
The trade fair from India.
Been to see some poor children and they mothers get a treat to lunch.
Visit a woman who husband die.
Fair from India again to buy music.
Witness the signing of a lease of property.
Visit land surveyor again.

I taking time to ketch me breath, write and sew and read blogs.


Kingston Girl said...

The week run go lef yuh? Yes, sit back and recover now... I'm in recovery mood too at the moment!

Hayden said...

I'm tired just reading the list!

cream said...

What a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Books should be written this way, Gigi. One or two words and readers left to colour the scene from their own past experiences.
Done the lot, one way or another! Even sewing! I'm pretty certain I sewed a button once!

zoe said...

oh wow, you have a life! i tend to switch mine on and off whenever i feel like it. doing things with other people is so tiring, so it's just me and my sloooow computer.

oh - and headphones to mask out the kid's noise.

Modern Viking said...

They say time flies, but they're wrong-- it crawls sloooooowly, but then it disappears when you're not looking!

So what's the trade fair like? And how's the family?

Growing Up said...

Busy lady by the sounds of it. Being busy stiops you from being bored thats what i like.

PI said...

I'm busy too this week. Why do treats always have to come at once - like buses and then there's a dearth. Plays hell with my waist line (What waist?)

Caroline said...

Time is a strange thing isn't it?

Looks like you had plenty in that week to keep you occupied!

b.art said...

My week last week:
- wake up
- go to work
- stare at the screen
- remember seh mi neva eat nutten and get something
- sit back in front of the computer and stare at the screen some more
- go homee
- sleep
- repeat above Tuesday through Friday

Ale said...

my week was EXACTLY like b.art's!

thanks dude- saved me typing time... great... i go back to staring at the screen....

DaveM said...

Wait till you get older GG the weeks / years fly by even quicker.

Make 'em last longer, now.

Robin said...

Davem's right, it always seem a bit unfare that the nearer you get to the end of your life, the faster you seem to be getting there!, I think I've a while yet though (hopefully!)

mig bardsley said...

Guyana, I just thought I'd tell you, I've been reading your blog every day and I love it.

Ancient Clown said...


Breathe DEEP...Breathe SLOW

What if God was so fair as to give exactly the same number of breathes to everyone...what if our lives aren't measured in years, but breathes?

A Poem I wrote called "TIME"

Man's Frankenstein
Wasting it away since it's creation
Killing it off 'till our cremation
Don't have a minute to spend
Nor a moment to lose.
Living or Dying
Don't have time to choose.

Words of Wisdom for All:
A minute has sixty seconds,
A moment lasts a lifetime.

your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

cadiz12 said...


i'm on the b.art schedule, too.

Ancient Clown said...

My Day???
Always Different..Always the Same.

Here's a day:

-Walk down street with children following behind singing; "What if God was one of us" (no lie).

-Visit with squirrel that used to live in the hood of my cowl for a few months until he got old enough to make his own nest.

-Play guitar on sidewalk with sign that reads; "Your SMILE is my payment."

-Make tree out of wire and teach others how to do the same, then sell it to someone for as much as they can afford.

As a student of life, everyone is my teacher, my only true responsibility is to first "Master the Self" and choose my mentors well.

piu piu said...

i love it when i'm too busy to stop! last week waslike that, then i sent my film to the lab....and this week has craaaaawwwled painfully by....

samay said...

sure sounds alot to absorb. but i;d rather have days doing something than spend them idling away - doing nothing...so when you look back there is a sense of satisfaction

bunnyjo georg said...

Hm, ancient clown sounds a little bit like Siddhartha!

GG, I must say, you know how to make life out of the stuff of life. As I just posted in my blog, I did nothing more significant with my surplus time that contemplate the swirling mass of dust sailing through the sunbeams in my living room. And you are doing it not out of a surplus of time, but in spite of not having a surplus of time! Kudos to you! And may I say....you've inspired me to live a little beyond the small borders of my life. I know some widows and single moms who could use some cheer.

Anonymous said...

Gyal, me glad you have tings to do...it does mek life cheerful..

Aunty Marianne said...

I go to work and shuffle paper too, but I know that because of my boring papershuffle job, kids far away get healthcare and clean water and food, so I don't care how monotonous it gets. It's a privilege.

A lot can happen in a week. My life changed forever this week.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Now it's back to nothing happening...that's really my life, nothing happening. Or so it feels.

Mig Bardsley, what a lovely thing to say, thank you so very much.

And welcome, Samay, welcome.

Now I'm back to ROUTINE. ROO-TEEN.

Marianne, you have a truly satisfying job. Gee, I'm curious now...why has your life changed.

Bunnyjo, I'm glad I inspire...truth is, my fellow bloggers inspire me too, all of you, in many ways. My mum always tells me, visit the sick & elderly.

watersprite said...

Sounds like my past weeks. Too much happening in my life that I had to neglect somethings.

And now my energy level is on an all time low.

Time for a movie! :)

What music did you buy from the fair?

Guyana-Gyal said...

I only got two CD's that I like, Watersprite, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and some old ghazals. I'm a romantic wimp, I love ghazals.

watersprite said...

A Nusrat Ali Khan fan? Try Adnan Sami and Jagjit Singh. Both got some great nos. My sister is a poetry/ghazal fan. Do you read Urdu poetry too?