Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thank you.

Was a time of trauma, a time of hand wringing and despair.

A couple o' days this week you see, me blog vanish.

Nobody know if it jump in the Berbice river and drownged...drown. Nobody know if wild dawgs nyam it. Not a soul did know if two-legged snakes loot it or if no-legged snakes swallow it.

It just vanish.

I wring me hands, helpless, like them ladies in Bollywood movies. I complain like the wuss I am, clueless as to what to do.

And lo and behold, Zoe, a queen in Europe
hear me plea. "Hear ye, hear ye, save this blog," she say.

Joanna, a beautiful Whiz in America
charge up to the rescue, wave she magic fingers...and tah dah...she save the dying blog. How I can ever repay her I just ain't know.

Thank you, thank you, I say, but still, that just don't feel enough. I want to load up a cart with gifts and parcels and all sorts of goodies for them...'thank you' can never, ever feel enough.

Joanna, Zoe, I hope one day I can repay you a million times more.

Thank you.

And thank you dear readers, for staying awake.


Annie said...

Phew! A narrow escape for our heroine, GG. What would we do without you?

I second that thank you to Zoe and Joanna.

Robin said...

Yeah, me too!

Modern Viking said...

Glad you're still here Gyal :) The internet is a better place with you in it!

Suburbia in the City said...

Yeah yeah. We're awake.

zoe said...

your blog is worth saving and thanks to joanna, it IS saved.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Aaahhhhh phewwww, working on links, slowly, slowly...

Thanks for not falling asleep, everyone :-)

Thanks for all the kind words and for sticking around.

Caroline said...

zzz... did you say something zzzz ;-)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Boing. Wake up, Caro.

Zoe, I am FOREVER INDEBTED TO JOANNA, just saying 'thank you' is sooo inadquate.

cream said...

Gigi, so glad you're back in cyberland!
"Heaven was missing an angel!"
I can feel a song coming...

Hayden said...

what a narrow escape!

Ancient Clown said...

Guyana-gyal it is great to have you back...I don't think you have to look over your shoulder gyal, I have a feeling GOD's got your back.
Just a a thank you, you could teach Joanna how to make a wire-tree.

"To give a person a tree is to give them a present, to teach a person how to make a tree is to give them a gift for life."

It is also very relaxing and Zen and the full benefits are too long to mention here...just a thought.

Anna said...

You're very welcome GG and happy to help! :)

If you ever need anything, you know where to find me :)


Anonymous said...

dear zoe & joanna,
thank you very much for rescuing GG.
god bless you both.
kind regards to all,
kanga roo

cadiz12 said...

way to go, ladies!

zoe said...

i didn't do much - just peeled mangoes and passed them on to GG - along with the odd tissue found in the depths of my pockets.

cream found one of GG's pages, joanna saw exactly what to do and voilĂ , the world is a better place with now.

but what am i going to do with with 12 kilos of mangoes ?

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Grrl power or wot?! It was indeed a time of trauma. So glad you're back.

Raheel said...

Thanks God it came back!

R2K said...

Was the best of times, and the blurst of times.


kfm said...

thank goodness for Zoe and Joanna...thanks for helping her out...i can only imagine her despair over the situation....phew!..ah glad de Bubise rivah nah swallah am

Hayden said...

I wonder if this has happened to me? I can get to everyone else's blogs, but when I try to access my own I get a message that I am forbidden access. 2 days and 2 computers, including my home computer that usually gets me there morning and evening....

bakannal time said...

jeez! excitin times when i'm away. a near death experience...fearless heroines to the rescue...tons of mangoes...feels like i nearly got run over by a south minibus.

i'm glad ur still around gg...

'ka said...

oh my.... i was wondering what's going on... thank god, it's saved!!

you go girls!

Sunrayz said...

Great to have you back!!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Ka, me one clueless blugger.

Aiye, Bakannal, where you been? Oh boy, somebody used your name to cuss me a while back. You're going to live long, I was wondering where you gone.

Hayden, that seems to be happening to lots of folks...Bunny Jo was complaining and lots of others too. I hope Blogger gets sorted out soon. To cheer up check out the cat at Joanna's:

KFM, I was getting resigned about it, saying 'goodbye Blog' and all.

Really the blurst, Alex. How's Florida and scuba diving? I lost your link boo.

Yeah Raheel, you can say that again.

Zin, I was thinking that too...GIRL POWER, YAY.

TWELVE KILOS of mangoes, Zoe? Oh me Lawd, ohhhhh me Laaawd. By the way, and you won't believe this, I have another mango tale to tell. Somebody hates me haha.

Cadiz, girl power!

Otherwise I'd be hopping mad, eh kanga roo?

I'd feel so bad to bother you again, Joanna, thank youuuu :-)

Thanks for the link,'s just been so difficult to read blogs recently with all this stuff happening, I'll check out your wire tree soon.

Aww Cream *blush*

Thanks Sunrayz.

Anna said...

Hayden: yes, it's happened to me before too. It's a blogger glitch. Until they get it fixed, the only thing to do is hit refresh until it comes up again. Also, try using F5 and then refresh. That should do it.

~Joanna said...

f5 is refresh.
Anyways, I'm glad things worked out.

Hayden said...

anna, thank you! right now it's back, but I'll remember in case it happens again.

bakannal time said...

still around luv. i'd neva cuss u ova da

Zoomfreaky said...

Glad you're still with us GG.
Thanx ladies.

Reluctant Nomad said...

Thank god for friendly goddesses like that!!

Mad Bull said...

So, what exactly did Joanna do... share the knowledge nuh? We can all use it to help others and the good karma will be so powerful it'll go around the entire earth and vanquish all evil and the planet will be saved! All by the selfless good deeds of bloggers! So, what'd she have to do to save your blog.

In the meantime, you ought to consider getting your own domain and using movable type or wordpress... you will then have a much more worry-free blogging experience.

Guyana-Gyal said...

MB, you know how some folks go to the doctor and just accept all that the doc. does without question? Is me that with Joanna...I don't have a clue what she did, I just accepted.

I will ask her so we can share the knowledge, you's right!

Man, what you telling me? Movable type? Wordpress? Domain? Dem things sound complicated. But I will go forth and be brave and take up your suggestion.

Hey Nomad, how's the competition going?
Do we have to vote early and often? Or it's just one vote each?

Thanks for staying awake, Zoom :-D

Bakannal, I knew it wasn't you cussing.

Ah, I lost some links...I have to go over to Mad Bull's and get some links :-)