Sunday, October 16, 2005

Twenty random facts

Tagged again, this time by Cream the restaurant man. Well, like I does say, I is one fass gyal [curious, nosy, etc] and I know other bloggers fass [nosy, curious, inquisitive] too, and love to read tags

20 random facts 'bout moi:

1. I can talk the bark off a tree when I get in the right mood.

2. When I run out o' things to laugh at I does look in the mirror...

3. Some folks need coffee...I need music.

4. I ain't afraid no more o' the eagle being bigger than me. [As a child, two boys what call theyselves me brothers torment me with 'eagle bigger than youuuuu...']

5. I suffer from the dreadful Foot in Mouth Disease.

6. Lipstick, colour and paint just ain't my thing, but I like to dress up sometimes.

7. Don't like going out to dinner; prefer lunch.

8. When nephews and niece get older, and they parents hassle them, I gon encourage them to run away to me.

9. Asthma, I hate you, especially when the weather hot 'n' humid.

10. Which reminds me...I looking for a Golden Sunshine Book name 'Atma', 'bout a li'l boy in India who fall asleep and travel far and wide in he dreams one night.

11. I don't like people telling me what to do.

12. I love telling people what to do.

13. When I scrub 'n' clean, I get lots o' constructive ideas, like how to get rid o' bandits, how to rule the world and so on.

14. I like puns...silly, sweet ones; sharp, tart ones.

15. When I hungry, I crabby [a hungry man is a angry man, yeah].

16. Being a couch potato now and then is good, I think.

17. Blogging gon make me ill? Computers does cause cancer? [Guess who is a hypochondriac, but hate doctors, and does self-diagnose, thank you WebMD.]

18. I wish somebody would fill them ice-trays for me when I empty them [I ain't like filling them at all].

19. I does check out fashion shows at

20. I want to go to Iwokrama one day [rainforest territory in Guyana].

Well, you know what now? After all o' this?

Like I say, me is one fass gyal, and I want to know 'bout other people.

So I gon tag 3 people hm, lemme think, hm hm...

Aunty Marianne, you game?

Annie? You busy with them li'l ones, or you can do this?

And 'Ka?

Tagged, the 3 o' you.

[Oops, I think I got to tag as many people as minutes it take me to do this, but I dood it while I been doing housework...three people okay, Cream?]

[Another oops, I just find out Vit tag me. By the way, if you want wit and art, Vit is it.]


Aunty Marianne said...

aaargh and me all full of artichoke.... now I'm really going to have to tell some secrets.

Tag accepted, and thank you.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

No. 1: for some reason this didn't surprise me...
Nos. 11/12: made me laugh!
14 and 15: oh yes, me too.
And, yes indeed, fass is what I am.

Ale said...

i HATE filling up ice trays too!!!! I dread that sooooo much!!!!

'ka said...

will this list work, girl? :)

DCveR said...

Foot in Mouth Disease... that is one problem we do share...

Guyana-Gyal said...

Good, now we can all get 'fass' and read 20 bits 'n' pieces about Aunty Marianne.

Zinnia, 11 & 12: I come from a family of bossy people. Oh, I wanted to tag you but I think you said life is a bit hectic right now, and you're guest blogging.

Ale, did you know you were tagged by Piu?

Ooh, 'Ka has a list...

Foot in mouth? You Dcver? Noooo, I don't believe it, noooo :-D

Hayden said...

(thanks for asking, GG - I'm doing ok, just distracted and working and studying too much. A little crazy around the edges.)

cadiz12 said...

i'm a music addict, too. :)

cream said...

Definitely took a touch longer than 3 minutes!
GG, you are a special person!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Thanks for your consideration, GG - I really appreciate that. Maybe next time, eh?

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hi Hayden, studying AND working does that to us, eh? Hope you pass all those exams.

Cadiz, can you imagine living in a country where music is banned? Oh the horror.

Aww, thank you Cream. I just read 'Ka's list, she's quite an amazing gal.

Okay, Zin, maybe next time.

Aunty Marianne said...

Country where music is banned - such as Turkmenistan...

Check it out. It's true.

lucy pepper said...

gg, i love the way you write.
an you IS one fass gyal!

Guyana-Gyal said... actually banned? I thought it was Afghanistan, and even there, they have music again!?!

Thank you Vit. And yyyyyes, me IS one faas gyal. All bloggers are fass :-D [Or is that all writers...?]

Annie said...

Oooh, how exciting! I've always wanted to be tagged. It will take me a while to come up with one as good as this.
Though it comes as a surprise that you can talk the bark off a tree ;-)

kfu mama said...

get a fridge that got ice maker an come tru de door, easy and secondly, she older nephpew tek afta she, you can fall asleep and wake up an dem still everyting wha she say, is me is she sista, so me know!