Friday, September 30, 2005

Run run run

Yesterday Kamla the cleaning lady say, “Long, long time, years, yyyears long ago, at me husband workplace somebody say it got a bomb.

Everybody run to see the bomb.

Me husband run ‘way from it.

So They say he plant it.

But They never find it though.”

I does always say, don’t drink tea when you this place. Darn hot tea splooch through me nose. One decibel more hard, it woulda splurg through me ears.


VisionGuyana said...


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Zinnia Cyclamen said...

"Everybody run to see the bomb" - so hard for me to imagine that happening as all I've ever experienced is the complete opposite - sounds like Kamla's husband has some sense! It did make me laugh though!

Ale said...

serves you RIGHT! :) you should have been drinking coffee anyway!

kfu mama said...

aye, you used to hallo at me when de tea run tru nose an now look..haha it happening to you...

neva see come to boss loss he phone, he call the phone co and there was a recording to please call back later, as the building has been evacuated due to a threat...

that happen to me in high school, somebody call in wan threat an we get sen home wondah is who bin do dat?

piu piu said...

thats so funny!

what brand of tea were u drinking btw?

Guyana-Gyal said...

Some generic brand of green tea, Piu. I added a teeny bit of cardamom, a teeny piece of cinnamon...mmmm...made it strong and milky and sweeeet. Yes, sick, I know. Mmmmmmmm...

Hey, you should try chai masala. Tea masala :-D

Hahaha, Kungfu mama, soon after the last elections, one office was getting bomb threats every Friday. The staff used to go home early. I heard some people on the road saying, 'somebody does do it so them can go home early on a Friday...' hahaha. HELLO! I DON'T REMEMBER YELLING AT YOU FOR DOING THAT WITH YOUR TEA. liar!

COFFEE? CAWFEE? DID SOMEONE SAY THE 'C' WORD? Oh, hi Ale, how ya doin'? Care for a cuppa tea? mmmm...

Zinnia, these people are mad. If there's a fight, they run TO it :-D

Hi Paul, this weekend I'll try. Me and this slow server grrr they need some TEA. Not coffee.

DCveR said...

That must be the Murphy's Law corolary for jokes: the best jokes are always told when we're drinking something.

hobbes said...

I once sprayed one of our most important clients with tea when I burst out laughing while drinking. Worse still, my boss - the big man himself- was there to witness it.

I still have my job.

cadiz12 said...

aye, ale, you're so misguided. tea is where it's at.

Dan Flynn said...


A recurring theme this hot drink splurging through noses and ears (cf Mimi of NY and her dad) what ever happened to the those years when life was simpler and a drink went straight down? Sigh.

G, just to let you know I have not abandoned blogworld just been soooooo busy with learning French, developing characters for a novel I'm preparing, doing an academic social work course and other stuff. However hoping to restart the blog on Sunday.

And on a public information note re the BBC, I've just discovered that they are in the middle of a trial of podcasting which is a system whereby they will download your fav programmes automatically to your pc whilst you are using it for other things. Amazing stuff this internet technology.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Ooh, Dan is back!

Yeah, what happened to those years when tea went down instead of splurging through the nose?

Must be something wrong with the tea we get now!

Dan, I'm excited for you pal, all the things you're working on. I hope you keep in touch, I sure hope.

Cadiz, we'll convert Ale yet. [Too much coffee can make you go bald, did you know, Ale?]

There you go Hobbes, just what I said to Dan. Must be something wrong with the tea. How did the client react? :-D

A friend of mine, in the middle of presenting to an ad campaign to Big Clients, felt her bra strap pop...and she ain't no small girl.

Or, D, the best jokes are told when our bladder is full.

'ka said...

wow! that's messed up!!! your hubby is the smart one!

DCveR said...

Huuummmm... that bladder part seems to affect mostly women.

Ale said...

Kamla seems like a national treasure- hope that tea wasnt too hot, you can burn you nose, or ear drums-


Guyana-Gyal said...

Ale, we got loads of Kamlas and...oooh, you should hear about Zuleika, the market vendor? Hm, I get the feeling you're trying to tell me something bad about tea there Ale, hehe :)

Dcver, you mean men don't...when they laugh really, really hard...? Never...? Would they admit...?

Yes Ka, her hubby sure was the smart one...but they thought he did it :-( Doesn't pay to be smart.

DCveR said...

Never had such problems nor have I ever hear a guy complain about it, whereas women often do. But you ask the other guys. What would be the problem in admitting to that?

Guyana-Gyal said...

I dunno D...what would be the problem admitting this? Y'know how men are, don't like to admit :-D