Saturday, September 24, 2005

Four or five years old

I notice a girl-chile at the finneral. She not the regular pea-size, li’l piece o’ Guyanese child that we accustom to. No, no.

She tall. She round and solid, like she feed on milk, fresh, pure milk everyday.

She light brown, Demerara sugar brown, not too dark, not too pale.
She got big almond eyes. And a limsie...bangs...straggling over them bright eyes. She hair fine and straight and dark brown, reach down to she waist. She ‘bout 4 or 5 years old.

She did wearing a blue, flower-flower cotton dress with white cotton lace at the hem. It had small puff sleeves with lace too, was a proper li’l dress she wear.

But! To make the whole outfit look completely Guyanese, she had bubblies in she and red and blue plastic bubblies tying up two bits o’ hair while the rest o' she hair flying loose.

She come from the countryside. But you think that make she shy? Nah, nah, not she.

She got a soft voice yes, like every child here, ‘cause they parents always hollering on them to sit and don’t make a sound...but this chile ain’t shy one tootsie.

She approach the verandah. Some ladies been sitting there, chatting, waiting for the finneral to start. The chile look up at a older woman who did standing up, towering over she.

Hear she the chile in she petal-soft, but big woman, confident voice.


Now, lemme tell you! Children here don’t do that! They does wait ‘til the big people talk to them.

The older woman amused. She face light up. She answer back, “Hi.” The woman couldn'ta stop smiling. All them women sitting in the verandah, they smiling, smiling too.

I ask the li’l girl, “What is your name?”

She say, “My name is Aleea.”

I ask, “What school do you go to?”

She say, “I go to Bush Lot nursery school.” And she run off to play again.

Later, she mother Yasmeen did chatting with me mother.

Yasmeen ain’t nothing like she daughter.

Yasmeen look like a lily, pale and delicate. But faded. Tired and wear out and faded.

Yasmeen tell me mother, “One day, after Aleea hear me and me husband quarrelling, she tell me, ‘I don’t want to marry at all. If I marry, I gon BEAT UP me husband...’ ”

Aleea father look like Hans Clodhopper. A big, brown Hans Clodhopper, heavy jaw, bug eyes, mouth hang open li’l bit. If you look at he, you think he innocent.

But a couple o’ years back I did hear rumours...rumours ‘bout a girlfriend. Then I hear that the girlfriend business end.

And now I wondering, wondering.

Why a li’l girl-chile, only four or five, would say something like that?


Ale said...

GG- OH MY GOODNESS the little girl sounds just like me! that's always what I say!!! (that I will beat my husband) but i say it just for fun, because i can-
and when i was little i had red and blue bubbles in my hair too.

btw- i so love to hear all the gossip about everyone. if it wern't for you, how would i know what's going on with all those people in Guyana???!

DCveR said...

Well, if that is the only example the lil'one had of what an husband is it just goes to prove she's a smart lil'gal!
Just hope that with time she can find not all husbands are like that...

Guyana-Gyal said...

Me too Dcver, I hope she can find that not all husbands are like that. Maybe she'll grow up real independent, I hope so, she was such a delightful child.

Ale!!! Were you passing through Guyana, influencing little girls and we didn't know?

Maybe Aleea will grow up to be like you?

I was just thinking, it's a good thing I change the names of people here, hehehe...can you imagine, you in New York, talking about a person here, and then somebody in New York says, oooh, I know who you're talking about, hehe...

Anonymous said...

out of the mouths of babes

kanga roo

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I'm thinking, from this and an earlier hint, that there may be more to come in the story of Aleea. And I'm hoping so, too.

Ale said...

i donnooo... Ale- Aleea -- sounds kinda close... maybe you need to change the names better -- hmmmhmm

;) -- dont mind me- just bringing confusion---

Guyana-Gyal said...

Mmm, maybe I'm psychic, Ale, remember...I didn't know you wore bubbles in your hair and threatened to beat future hubby...

No Zinnia, I only met that little girl that one day, I don't know any more. If I do hear more...

Are you refraining from saying any more, Kanga roox? :-)

Mad Bull said...

Its true, the dads have got to start thinking about how their behaviour affects the little ones! >:-[

annie said...

She is a smart little cookie, this four year old. Some grown-up women haven't worked this out yet...

piu piu said...

allea sounds cool. i think i was a snotty quiet little english daisy. nothing like her! tho i'll certainly beat up my boyfriend when the occasion demands.

kfu mama said...

Aleea see summin else, that is why she say she gon never marry, she gon beat up she man probably doan treat she mudda nice...she sound cute..

hobbes said...

from now on my kids will be milk fed too!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Welcome, Mad Bull and Hobbes...I'll be back later for the 'gyaff'...the chatting :-)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Talking about little girls...I read some study that said girls are very confident until they hit age 13, then they lose all the confidence :-(