Friday, August 26, 2005


Like plenty bloggers, I am “faas”. Meaning curious.





I does lurk ‘round other people blogs…

…peek here…

…peep there.

I ‘specially like to read what they say ‘bout theyself when they get tag. But I does hope I don’t get tag. Filling out them things take up precious lurking time.

But eh-eh, no, life don’t go so. Can’t blog and don’t get tag. One day somebody gon tag you. And that is what Chrome do to me.

So, here me is:

Seven Things I…

Plan to Do Before I Die:

1. Live ‘til age 90-something, chooking folks with me walking stick, uttering peppery ol’ lady things.

2. Be the best auntie in the world. Spoil niece and nephews.

3. Earn big, fat paisa [$$] from writing.

4. Grow parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Got basil already.

5. Drive a truck.

[Heh, if I gon drive truck here I might as well go to truck drivers home, blow me truck horn braaap braaaaap when they sleeping. And belch thick, black carbon smoke into they home. Just like what they does do to decent people. Heh, just a li’l off the road rage there…]

6. Own all the CD’s / music that me ever like.

7. Destroy every single mosquito in the world.

[Two slaughtered this morning!!!].

Things I Can Do:

1. Laugh kya kyaaaa loud like a market vendor.

2. Nag.

3. Dream. Wake up. Go back to sleep, finish the dream.

4. Listen to people tell they life stories [a.k.a. “faas”…curious…]

5. Console people.

6. Collect junk.

7. Talk ‘til people ears droop with misery.

Things I Can’t Do:

1. Tolerate Tartuffe, holy hypocrite cousin of Kamla the cleaning lady.

2. Fist fight.

3. Belch at will like cousin Analis and she sister and brother.

4. Swim.

5. Eat meat.

6. Stay angry for long.

[N.B. Long-standing annoyance against Tartuffe don’t count].

7. Math [fingers, toes is me abacus].

Things I say most:

1. Arrrg.

2. Oh crap.

3. To rahtid [Jamaican expression].

4. Oh shucks.

5. You’re not LISTENING!

6. Stchuuuups. [This is a long stewing sound you make with teeth and tongue to express bloody hell, amusement, superior intelligence, depend on the context…]

7. You’re not listening to ME!

Things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1. Dry / corny sense of humour, can laugh at heself.

2. Tall.

3. Kind / compassionate.

4. Hands.

5. Analytic mind.

6. Patience [long suffering appreciated].

7. Can cook.

Celebrity crushes. [None. But if I got to have:]

1. Shah Rukh Khan [Bollywood].

2. Arjun Ramphal [Bollywood].

3. Ian Thorpe [Aussie swimmer].

4. Hugh Jackman.

5. Jugh Hackman.

6. Mugh Jackhan.

7. Guhh Kacjman.

Now…‘cause I want to peek in other people mind, I tag:






And if Anoop would just stop taking he break from the Internet, I tag he too.

And Cadiz, how
‘bout you, Cadiz?

Piu Piu get tag by Chrome, otherwise, she woulda be the next victim.

And though they ain’t got no blog, how ‘bout Twine and Kung Fu Mama?

Thank you, thank you.

Newsflash: Third mosquito just slaughtered!!!


Modern Viking said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no.... That's gonna take me a while... I have enough trouble thinking up 1 or 2 things on command. You want 7??? Yeah, that's gonna take me a while...

'ka said...

interesting list you have there :)

piu piu said...

its actually nice to find out all that thanks

DCveR said...


Did I ever mention how much I like tags?
NO! You wanna know why? Cuz it's so little. I like tags even less than you like mosquitoes. Tags are a bit like the mosquitoes o'the bloggosphere.
But it's not your fault. You didn't knew. Just so to sate ya 'faas' I'll answer the questions...

Guyana-Gyal said...



We all hate doing them.

But we LIKE TO READ them.

Fass lot we all are.

Admit it.

DCveR said...

ok, ok, I admit I read them too... yer answers already there!

kaiyareturns said...

Hey since you love ridding the world of mosquitos so much... you would love this toy* in taiwan... it looks like a badminton racket, but the wires are actually electric, so when you swing that racket, ZAP! you'll get it 99 out of 100 times! good for flies too.

Modern Viking said...

Kaiya, I saw a kid with one of those once... Not only does it help to rid the world of those pests, but it's a lot of fun! He even got a big moth with it-- didn't kill it right away, but lit its wings on fire.

And GG, I'm still working on my lists... you know, Vikings are so simple, we don't always have 7 of these things... I may have to stretch the truth...

Caribbean Colors said...

Kill alla dem mozzies.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Thank you Dcver. Now everybody can go and peep into your life some more :-)

Kaiya, I am going to get that toy! Just think. Gyal-Heroine saves world from malaria. Rids world of mozzies.

Viking, still waitinnnng...

C'bean Colours, what's new in Paradise?

Modern Viking said...


cadiz12 said...

ooh, i'll have to spend some time thinking about this one. but i'm game.

btw, arjun rampal: HOTT

Guyana-Gyal said...

Cadiz, yessszz, isn't he [Arjun Rampal] just sizzlin'? They had him in GQ Mag. once.

Aha, I'll pop over to Viking and nose around in his life a bit :-)

k fumama said...

Blog? Gyal, me wish me had time to do that..but if me ever do wan blog, you know who it would be about. De three of dem an Bryan Adams....I got to sen you he new prapa like ah bai dat...

ScroobiousScrivener said...

I knew you'd do a great 7 things - sorry to double-tag you! Am I the only one who likes doing these? I really enjoy answering questions, but I try to avoid them cos I think they're lazy blogging. Ah well.

I know a woman, sweet suburban housewife type, got a licence to drive the biggest damn truck there is. Just for the hell of it. She also keeps pythons. Another one for the list of surprising people.