Monday, August 15, 2005

Soothing Balm

One hour ago I phone auntie M. to grumble. Me words tumble from me like rocks and stones and mud falling down a mountainside, and lay at she feet. And I sitting, shaking with the grievance.

And she open she bottle o’ jokes and anecdotes, and they fall like soft drops on me red, hot mood like cool blue balm. And I start to laugh.

[Y’see, it have a art to grumbling. When you call somebody to complain, you does got to know when to stop. You can’t go on and on, beating up on they eardrum, or the next time you need ears to listen to you, the ears don’t want to hear no more, ‘cause they get weary and corned from the last grumble.

Y’see, you got to know when is time to soak up the effort that the other person putting in to soothe you.]

So I laugh.

And we talk some more.

She tell me, "Gyal, a lady visit me the other day, she come back from Abroad. I ain’t see she since fifty years. And you know what is the first thing she tell me?"

"What, Auntie M.?"

"She say, 'oh gosh, look how you get fat.' And is true, I lookin' a li'l fat. Me clothes can't fit me, and me face round, round like the moon."

"And what she look like, Auntie M?"

"Well, y’know how when people live Abroad them get shaky, shaky…"

"You shoulda tell she so, tell she, "oh gosh, look at you how you get shaky,' " I say.

"Nooo, I could never hurt people feelings like that, I couldn't tell her that."

Then hear the sweetest thing ever.

Auntie M. say, "I tell you ol' uncle what she say…and he look me up and down, Up And Down. And he say, 'you are still beautiful in my eyes.' "


kfumama said...

it still have some nice men out dere who nice an sweet....Uncle J is one of dem

piu piu said...

aw thats lovely. u are so right about knowing when to stop grumbling. VOLCANO....and then cool down.

Guyana-Gyal said...

It's just great when you can have someone to unburden to, and who will make you laugh, isn't it?

Uncle is a trip! That family is a trip!

Dan Flynn said...

Your aunt and uncle both sound like really top people. Give them my love, tell them your bloggers from across the world are impressed with their kindness and sensitivity. Now we know where you get it from.


Modern Viking said...

Sweet story.

But what does that mean? Shaky?

DCveR said...

Beauty is relative, but that's easy for me to say, I'm married to the most beautiful woman ever!

Hayden said...

always always always... I tune in to your blog and read, then drift away with a smile on my face. People need to be kind with each other, need to be gentle. And here thats the way it always feels.

Ale said...

thanks for the reminder- i've busted up many eardrums of my friends. poor frinds of mine---

by the way- that's a good color choice (blue) for the balm post :)

uncle ROCKS! :)

ps: yes, tell us, what do you mean shaky?

Guyana-Gyal said...

I’ve worn out so many eardrums Ale, but I'm finally learning not to.

Shaky in this context means aged, shaking, unsteady.

That uncle is a trip, Ale!

Hayden…[whisper, whisper]…I’ve got a loud mouth, can get quite worked up and vexed…some past posts are not so depends on my mood, I guess, and what's happening around me.

And I agree 100%…a little kindness all around won't hurt.

Dcver, way to go…tell the whole world you know she’s beautiful!

If you want some more romantic stuff, check out Viking’s recent post.

Dan, I will pass on your message, yes, they’re very kind people with generous hearts. [A tad nutty and entertaining too]. Aw, that’s schweet of you, to say I’m like them…I know my siblings are, and my parents too :-)

kaiyareturns said...

That was a very sweet story... and yea I've practiced all too well the
*art of grumbling* - I think if there's anything to learn about kindness is to avoid critisizing(yourself or others). I think if you can start to do that... ?...

Modern Viking said...

Hehe... Yeah, some romantic stuff over at my place today...

Unless you get the black hole version of my site. Grrr!!

Sorry, didn't mean to grumble here at your place ;)

kaiyareturns said...

Viking, I have to click "comments" to get out of the black hole.

cadiz12 said...

there's nothing like a person who can soothe a grumbly mood.

who cares what some person from abroad says. if uncle's happy with what he's got, that's all that matters. so sweet.

Anoop said...

Awww thats a very sweet one....

GG, you grumpy girl (that's GG too), you ought to send your auntie M some sweets.

Anonymous said...

beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

although, i suppose the blind may say something like, beauty is in the nostrils of the sniffer.

somehow i imagine that even if i were blind and unable to smell i would still be able to detect another beautiful human.
beauty has so many dimesions.

GG for instance.

kind regards,
kanga roo

Icylyrics said...

Thin line between venting and dumping. I needed to hear this today.

Chrome* said...

As always you drop gems. Wonderful advice sweetly put.

Your specialty.

A mother of mine she's from Guyana too. I hear her when I read you. I owe she a call.

Come see mee GG I like being read by you.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Kaiya, about being kind to ourselves...yes, you're right, if we can't be kind to ourselves, how can we be kind to others?

Viking, news, news...I think I found the cause of the black holes and posts getting eating. An internet worm. I read about it in the papers. I must go over to Shuckandjive and tell him.

I read about your grumbly mood too Cadiz, and how the mixed music got you swinging again.

Hahaaaa...Anoop always makes me laugh, yes, it's true, grumbly me too. In appreciation, my mum and I give auntie M. tomatoes, bitter lemon [love it!], fruits, all kinds of things.

Kanga Roo, *blush*. Thank you.Another beautiful soul, that's Kanga Roo.

Icy, what are they doing to you in New York? I hope you're fine.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hi Chrome, just saw you. That internet worm was sloooowing me down every time I tried your blog this weekend.

Modern Viking said...

I actually figured out my problem... Not sure of the cause though. Could be the worm. The dorks at my webhost won't return my emails...