Tuesday, August 16, 2005

No rest for the wicked.

Y’know we does say, no rest for the wicked.

Well, tell me no, tell me what sins I do to deserve this punishment, and I gon rectify it.

But if I ain't do nothing wrong, ow, why, eh, why I got to get dragged from me heavenly dark, satin sleep?

I relish me sleep.

When I sleep, I does dream. I does dream books – chapter and verse; I does dream movies - romance, mystery, horror, Hollywood, Bollywood, Pollywood; I does dream cartoons; and I does dream that I travelling.

The best dream was the one when I did turn invisible, and I go to Buxton Village and beat up all them bandits, then I drive them mad, whispering in they ears, making them think I was the jumbie o’ all them people that them bandits did kill.

Whee-heee, what a la-la that dream was!

And too besides…if I ain’t get a good night sleep, the whole day next day I does be one terrible ‘Grumble Gyal’.

Yes, I relish me sleep.

Well now, three nights in a row, Saturday, Sunday, Monday the 2 a.m. bird come back.

Nah, nah, don’t tell me 2 a.m. is morning. Every self-respecting Guyanese know that 2 a.m. is night.

At 2 a.m. in the night the bird come back and start to sing. No, not sing. Holler.

“Peeee widi widi widi wee peewee wee wee.”

In the daytime is a beautiful song. Is the song like the songs o’ them nightingales in them fairy tales. Or like in that Oscar Wilde story when the bird did pierce he breast to let he blood run into the rose, to turn the rose blood red.

In the daytime is a song o’ pleasure pouring from the throat of a tiny, li’l brown bird; song o’ yellow sun and crystal rain; song o’ free peppers and fruits like what all birds should have.

But in the night, right outside me window, when mankind want to sleep? Bhaiya…brother…is a call for revenge.

To add insult to me wounded sleep, the bird decide to put a extra frill in he song.

“Peeee widi widi widi wee peewee wee wee…

Ah twee twee.”

I get charred with burning anger.

I should get a watergun, I start to think. Not like the round, see-through, lime-green one we had as children, them don’t have much shootability, the water does spurt low as if the spout have prostate [or, as we newspaperman did say, prostrate] problems.

I need one like what I see them selling at the Indian trade fair a couple o’ months ago, yyyyes, one like that, with a long, long, long cylinder that can shoot peeeuuuuwww right across to where the bird is.

I climb out o’ bed to glare at he. Was the most ludicrous sight to behold.

A li’l, li’l bird clinging slantwise to a electric wire next door, the wire run at a 45 degree angle, from the top roof to a lower roof.

The bird throw back he head, [I swear he shut he eyes], and he open he beak and long out he tongue and stretch out he vocal chords like is everybody business.

I slam the windows hard.

Flip, twit.

The bird fly away.

Ah. Silence settle like silk.

I swish off to sleep.

And then the rain come, pounding down like football fans hollering for they vindaloooo, oy oy oy.

No rest for the wicked, I tell you, No. Rest. For. The. Wicked.


DCveR said...

Well, I can say I imagine your suffering. What I can't say without lying is that I know how it feels.
I can sleep even with noise around me. Even if it is loud. I always said I was a lucky guy, this is one more proof to that. Even when most people find it impossible to get some rest I can sleep like an angel (come to think about it that would really be the only moment I could be mistaken for one).

Anoop said...

Hahahaha that was so sweet again... You are cute.. I am imagine you to be a 8 year old girl. ;) NO I AM NOT ASKING YOUR AGE, SUBTLY OR OTHERWISE. ;), lest you shoot me with that watergun.

Reminds me of "My cousin Vinny".

And yes, like Dcver, if I want to sleep, I can sleep, come hell, or heaven.

kfumama said...

man, you need to hang out with your nephews dem, on school days, dem always want 5 mins more an on w/ends dey does wake de rooster....hahaha

is that de saaaaame bird dat bin dey wen we bin deh? your bro n law quarrel at 2am too..he say it got a darn bird who singing....hahaha...me..i put me head down on the pillow an zzzzzzzzz

Guyana-Gyal said...

YES, kungfu mama, IT'S THAT SAME BIRD THAT WOKE UP BRO-IN-LAW!!! Ask him if he remembers.

Haha, so many “things-Guyana” in this post!

How can anyone sleep through noise?!?

Aha, now I know why Dcver is called ‘Dcver’. Looks like an angel when he sleeps...BUT!

Hey! Anoop! How DID you guess my age? Yes, yes, I'm all of 8, will be 9 in December!

Sweet? You're taking sides with the bird?

Um...can you remind me, what reminds you of My Cousin Vinny?

I now had a 'terrible' thought. I disturb people like that bird with my blah blah blah all day long.

Icylyrics said...

I can't go to sleep with silence, but can't get back to sleep if I'm awakened by a noise.

Yes, I have accepted my weird award for the year.

Thank you very much!

Caribbean Colors said...

If I am woken in the night I can't seem to get back to sleep. Its annoying. I spend the next day exhausted.

DCveR said...

Completely off topic: thank you for your tip to watch Frida. We loved the movie.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hi C'bean Colors, I've been enjoying your blog in Belize. Paradise. Humour. Art. Stories.

Y'know...I have this theory about sleep deprivation and mental health...

Dcver, I'm so glad you like Frida. I want to see that movie again! It has EVERYTHING. Art. Politics. Drama. Passion. Romance. Tragedy. Comedy. And wasn't it beautifully shot? I don't know why it didn't win an award.

Modern Viking said...

Ok, this happened to me last night. Except it wasn't a bird, it was a car accident. You see, the bars close at 2AM around here... So every once in a while at 2:10, the drunks are out driving by my house, and there's this turn in the road at the top of a hill. For whatever reason they just can't handle it. Anyone who lives here knows you shouldn't park your car on the outside of that turn, because sooner or later a drunk guy will drive right into it.

So last night that woke me up. Then the police showed up, with their lights flashing on my wall. Then the tow truck came and made all kinds of noise... I just wanted to sleep.

Hey, what was that bird doing awake at 2AM??? Sounds like a stupid bird to me...

piu piu said...

i've been sleeping really badly recently...loads of noise outside my wondow...

Guyana-Gyal said...

Man, we're a real sleep deprived lot, aren't we? Not functioning, grumpy...grrrr...

I only know one person who can sleep through a hurricane. My second brother. I envy him.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Oh...I forgot...Viking...I think I've figured it out...the 2 a.m. bird is confused.

There's a bright light on the house next door and it cofuses the bird, I think. He believes it's daylight or something.

Ale said...

i love rain at night--

Anoop said...

Of the topic, sorry. I think Frida was at best a good movie. The content was strong but I am not sure if Salma Hayek is an actor enough to justify the character she played.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hmmm...y'know Anoop, now that you've said that, I'm thinking...what was Frida like in real life? Was she aggressive, assertive, a very secure kind of woman...or was she like the woman portrayed in the movie? Playful, couldn't shake her obsession for her husband?

What actress do you think would've done a good job? I can't think of any right now...

Ale, yeah yeah, me too, I love rain at night if it's on tile roof. Slab roof. Concrete roof. Or even on zinc roof before I sleep.

But picture this. You're in a car. Hail starts pounding on the roof. That's how super heavy rain sounds on zinc :-( boo hoo sob.

Chrome* said...


I have loved a woman from your home. You know Linda London? I loved she daughter once. I like when you talk. You make even simple stories turn to water color images. I want to paint and make films when I read you.

You write sounds most beautifully.

Thank you for the gem.


Anoop said...

Sorry to make this HUGE.... Here is an interview of Satish Gujral, brother of former Indian Prime Minister, I K Gujral.

What was Frida like—sexy, ugly...?
I'll quote from the opening sentence of Gone with the Wind: "Scarlett O'Hara wasn't beautiful but men seldom thought of it when caught by her charm".

Was she really bisexual?
There were rumours of her being trans-sexual, but I have no first-hand knowledge of it.

What did you talk about with her?
In the beginning, she wanted to talk about the Hindu concept of life, its philosophy of existence.

You enjoyed such discussions with her?
I admitted my ignorance. I was a Marxist then, and had read nothing that wasn't in line with it.

What then did you talk about?
We talked about India's freedom struggle and Gandhi's influence on the Indian masses. We also talked about the maladies we both suffered from.

Did sexual politics contribute to her work?
Three things contributed to her work: sex, politics and the wasting of the human body of which she was a victim.

Did she ever want to come to India?
I never heard any such wish from Frida.

How did she look at India?
Frida wanted to be cremated, not buried. She may also have an incarnation in India.

Does Salma Hayek look like her in 'Frida'?
She does, something like a restored portrait.

Is there an Indian equivalent to Frida?
In terms of behaviour and temperament, Amrita Shergil may have inherited some of Frida's characteristics, especially in matters of sex.

Anoop said...

Oh... He had become close to her in the last few months of her life.

Julia Roberts I am sure would have done a good job. So would have Monica Belluci.... okay my reasoning is not purely on merit ;)... Jokes apart, I thought she was really brilliant in Malena. Andie McDowell? Julianne Moore? Jodie Foster?

And your question prompts me to ask another one and excuse me for raising it on your blog.

There is a novel called "A dangerous Fortune" by Ken Follet. Who is most suited to play the character of the hero, forgot his name.... I think Hugh Grant.

kfumama said...

someone was going fishing last nite..they were taking their boat out an probably fell on the horn an ai yai yai...and that was bout 11:30 last nite....i literally jump off de darn bed...shoot!

and yes, he does remember the bird,,, and guess what now I have some, they sing reeeal loud ...and they walk about in the back yard and hang out an wait for me to put down the crumbs too...

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hi Chrome, glad to know you're inspired by my words. I never thought of it that way, I always get inspired by others.

Hey, you know, you find the right Guyana gyal, and you'll be happy forever :-)

Anoop, that bit of history was INTERESTING! Whoa. I didn't know Frida had a connection with India. Now I want to learn more about her.

Oh, my po' sis, blasted horn blower.

Snicker...serves you right for encouraging pets around you. Remember the 21 cats, the turtle, the parrot, dogs, the monkey you used to harbour? hahaha...