Tuesday, June 14, 2005

This mood.

I catch a mood.

For some days now I feel it coming on, I feel it in me bones, stretching and pulling in me joints. I feel it in me temperature, warm, warmer. As for me throat, it did feeling a li’l funny for a good couple o’ days now.

I don’t know how I catch this mood. I don’t know if is because I sleeping regular hours, eating plenty green, leafy bhagee and red tomatoes, and squash and long green bora, and cool, sweet watermelon, papaya, or yellow, yellow mangoes from Neighbour garden.

I don’t know if is the morning walks, or if is the duahs [prayers], or the people I meet, or what.

All I know is I catch a mood.

I feel as if I drink honey, and it tickle me mouth, then trickle into me veins, and pour sweetness into me heart and head. And my throat? My throat feel funny haha, I want to laugh, I want to sing tunes like that old, old song, I’d like the teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

Yes, yes, I know I could sit and prop sorrow, worry about goals, dreams, where life going, take on the poverty here, and suffering in the world, but right now, I feel like that vin-viny with the iridescent wings that zwoops past me ear zwing this morning when I went walking.

Inside o’ me I got a frisky li’l breeze that lifting curtains and letting sunshine in. And the sunshine making me insides sparkle like glass and if you tap me, I gon go ‘pinnnng’.

Yeah, yeah, I catch a mood, and I hope you catch it too.


Camille said...

Girl...If I never did catch de mood before, after I read bout your 'mood' it infectious and I am there now..Yes...it good to just celebrate LIFE just our BEING and the 'mood' is de way. Thanks for de reminder dat de clutter and hustle and bustle is de side attaction of life ...not de substance at all.

kungfu mama said...

whoa....you really catch wan mood dey..i glad for you...an you had to talk bout food..bajee, dhall an rice..mmm...nice life, nice food, big smiles an loads of sunshine fer ya..

er, we all gon ketch dat mood hey now, we boss gone to the UK for 2 weeks..oooh yeees glorius life an oh yes, dey fix de road dat all dem truck bruk up, me van aint gon fall in pot hole no mo, no mo...ooooh yes...life sweet, jis lika dat 'oney ya tak bout...

Anoop said...

Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai,
aaj phir marne kaa iraada hai,
koi naa roke dil ki uraan ko,
dil ye chala aa aa aa (8)

thats a song from a beautiful Hindi movie called "Guide".

Today I again want to live,
Today I again want to die.
dont, anyone, stop the flight of my heart,
There my heart goes.....

kungfu mama said...

hey Anoop,

saw that movie, loved the movie...with Waheeda Rahman, right?

Anoop said...


Anoop said...

And me freakin out on mangoes right now ;)

kungfu mama said...

mango lassie is goooood..my aunt showed me how to make them, but my son would eat all the mangoes before i can use them..haha

an that movie Guide, has an incredible dance piece...

Anoop said...

Well, I love Old hindi movie songs though not the song and dance routines in the movies, unless its a folk one. And yes, in Guide, that one dance is very amazing. The movie itself is very good and pretty bol for its time.

kungfu mama said...

we at home are bollywood fans, we just saw VeerZara and looooved it, the songs are wonderful...I saw Black the other day, pretty impressive

analis.M said...

Well G-Gyal, I don’t know if is a ting in the air in dis country cause I tink I ketch it too. Since yestaday, I call me Fren and tell she I going to change me ways. I going to talk less bad tings bout people and stop use bad, negative words…neva mind dis new side ah me still new and one-one duz slip out every now and den.

Yes, I feel like I drink something and IT mek me feelin’ all right and good inside…like I could paint and the painting would be wild with cerulean, Prussian, and Ultramarine blues (I love blues…I know every shade of blue there is) and reaching out to you with long licks of red and rivers of sap green…with snatches of golden ochre so subtle you wonder if it dere at all and why it dere in the first place.

I sitting on my verandah, watching a broom man selling brooms – a big bundle of long handle brooms with green and red and yellow and brite blue bristles ….the bundle of brooms resting high on he shoulder. The bundle so high it look like he trying to brush the clouds out of the sky for fear they might be cobwebs. And he hollering something that I cyant mek out …
I only hear “Buy yuh broom hey!!” Loud-loud! He voice reach me from way down de street. I hear he before I even see he. He look honest, trying to mek a decent living…and he don’t look vex dat he got to walk in de hot sun to sell he brooms.…(he mussie ketch de mood too) He look fresh and pleased to be free to sell he brooms ..not strapped behind some desk. I feel like mekking up a story bout he and writing bout he and how he come to sell dem coluh-coluh brooms. Is so good I feel.

When I read your beautiful words Guyana-Gyal I feel even more inspired. I feel nice that you too get the good vibe I get…that de dust blow from your house to mine and it dance and tickle we nose and instead of sneezing, we giggle and seh “ Yes that is life!”

Guyana-Gyal said...

Yes Camille luv, we just got celebrate...as the song goes, another day of living. Sometimes I get tired of the quarrels of the world and just want to be happy inside out!

Kungu fu mama, glad you catch the mood too! Enjoyyyy. Pass it on to my nephews. And your neighbours.

LOL ANOOP...me glad you enjoying them mangoes. I got so many that today I had to squeeze the juice off, and freeze it to make mango icecream, milkshake, fruit punch.

Gosh...EVERYBODY'S seen Guide except me. I'm jealous. My mother said yes, that dance was absolutely amazing. She said Guide has the best love song, tere mere sapne.


I read THE BOOK. Guide by R K Narayan. Brilliant.

Mother says the movie is exactly like it.

I need to see Black too. And VeerZara.

AnalisM...glad you catch the mood. I wonder what it is. Ain't life just great sometimes? Yes, them guys selling brooms and brushes are amazing, singing out loud and all!

Spread the good vibes people.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Oh...Anoop, even the song and dance I love in the Bollywood movies as long as the movie itself has a great plot and the songs and dances fit in.

I heard that that movie with Nicole Kidman, Moulin Rouge was inspired by Bollywood.

And AnalisM...you should be painting that scene!!! Sounds like you know about painting like you know yourself.

Guyana-Gyal said...

ONE MORE...if anyone's curious about India, that's where Anoop is...here's his link:


So kung fu mama, you can pass it on to your neighbours from south india.

kungfu mama said...

Anu from south India...an Anoop living in South India...LOL..

Anyhooo, your nephews already born wid de good mood...today when i come home from work, i go an sit in de kitchen for a lil bit, hubby went to wash de van, de lil one sitting on de sofa an i hear de front door open, de lil one say..hiiii...how was your day off? me wondering is who he talking to...den me hear wan ansa...day off? wid de two of you? what day off??? hahaha de lil one asking he daddy if he had a good day off..dis time dem been going to work wid he everyday since school close for the summer...hahahaha...and he still singin loud loud in the bathroom an de odda wan still singin everyting u tell he....

Anoop said...

Well I am not a big fan of the song and dance stuff in movies. And though Amitabh happens to be my most favorite actor, I have not watched Veer Zaara, Mohabbatein, and Kabhi kushi kabhie gam. The escapist fare is certainly not my cup of tea.

Black, give it to me anyday. I was stumped really. My previous all time fav was "Life is beautiful" an Italian movie by Roberto benigni. But now its Black. Absolutely awesome. I thought Indian cinema had lost its meaning after Hrishikesh Mukherji quit making movies. Black just gave me much more than happiness. Just do not miss it.

Anonymous said...

dear GG,
keep on singing!
look how many lives you have lifted.
well done!

kind regards,
Kanga Roo

Sarah said...

Guyana honey, what's your take on the G8 debt clearance? The papers here totally bite (al la mozzie), no critical take on anything at all.


kungfu mama said...

Anoop, if its good, me gwine look at it. an all dem dat you mention have good story line, truly...you should look at Chandni Bar, Maqbool, Saatiya and a few more...Indian movies have come a looong way and they have become pretty interesting...

yo, me sistah, I bin sen veerzara fee yall watch..got some looovely songs

Guyana-Gyal said...

Um...Kung fu mama, we still ain't buy a new tv / dvd player...

Sarah, funny you should ask about the debt write off...since Sunday I've been meaning to write about it. We're celebrating here :-)

I plan to write about it soon...this week.

[Still envying you there in Adelaide.]

Hey...Kanga Roo...'nother way to make $$...I can sing and people will PAY ME TO SHUT UP. Yayyyy.

Anoop, I know what you mean about the song and dance...fluff, candy floss...but I love fluff as well as the deeper movies...same with literature. True Confession magasines / Harelquin romance as well as Herman Hesse, if you know what I mean.

Please tell more about Hrishikesh Mukherji?

Ahhh yes, my nephews. That's how children should be. Happy 'n' confident. Singin' the live long day.

Anoop said...

Hrishikesh Mukherji... where do I start. You know I have always believed in the sayings like "Common sense is not at all common", "its very difficult to be simple" etc... you know what I mean. Hrishikesh Mukherji was just that. He has plenty of common sense and is very simple. KISS..... Keep It Simple Stupid kind of a guy. Perhaps the only guy who has ever shouted on Amitabh even during his peak. His movies have genuine natural comdey unlike the forced comedy that you see in candy floss stuff like "kal ho na ho" etc...

Chupke Chupke, Golmaal, namak haram, bemisal (my all time fav Amitabh movie), bawarchi.... are just a few examples.

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! I am from RondonĂ³polis-Brazil. I would tell you about mood now if I knew you. As I don´t, I just have to tell you that I have been enjoying your mood this page. Congratulations

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hola! Muito obrigada. Como vai voce? Tudo bem?

Guyana-Gyal said...

Anoop, do you know, I didn't get to appreciate Amitabh until much later. And oh boy, HE IS GOOD!! I saw him in a movie about a no good bum who used to climb coconut trees to make sugar with the coconut, and he married, and treated his wife badly, then liked another girl, married her, and wanted his ex-wife to teach the new wife how to make the sugar.

Brilliant movie, brilliant acting.

I like Kamal Hassan too...well, I only saw him in one movie, a sort of Romeo-Juliet movie, he was Tamil and the girl Hindu, and her mother hated him.

Kamal Hassan did the MOST AMAZING dance in that movie. Riveting. Soul stirring.

Anoop said...

Saudagar.. it was a very good movie. I hated him in that movie.

And Kamal Hasan's is "Ek Duje ke Liye". He is an accomplished dancer really.

kungfu mama said...

Fluff or no fluff, an besides i like candy floss,,lol...and I saw all of those movies you talked about..its like music..I am the kind that would listen to chinese, russian, japanese, african no matter where its from and I would enjoy it immensely..also, didnt my sister ever mention i am the indian version of a blonde...hahaha..er, not to say that all blondes are loco

Guyana-Gyal said...

Yes, that's it...Saudagar. Very good movie. Why did you hate him in it?

I did hear that...that Kamal Hassan started out as a dancer.

Kung fu mama, you should see that movie...Ek Duje ke Liye...you will cry your eyes out. I did.

AND NO, K.F. Mama, you are MOST DEFINITELY NOT blond. You're wayyyyy to smart and bright. Plus more!


kungfu mama said...

duuuh..you never see me when i freeze in de middle of a form....han an leg going and suddenly...leg leff up de in air.eeerr,,,what next? gyal, trust me wen i say i kinda blonde...is ok..me does mek jokes bout me self all de time...but de man here does get vex...hehe...

what debt write off? me so darn lost in wid de news that me mussi miss summin somway... i going an read de guyana newspaper online now...

haha...sometimes i tink me kungfu forms dem does look like Elaine from Seinfeld dance...hahahahhaaaa...oh me mama..i kill me...

Anonymous said...

Yuh celebrating the debt write-off, gyal? I bet dem politicians celebrating too.... now deh aint got to tink bout how deh gotta borrow mo money to pay back what deh tief from the country. Sorry, but dis news get me mad....dese countries give the third World money to improve the country, but the poor people aint benefiting cause all the money does go into the politicians pockets.

kungfu mama said...

I cant really remember, but once i read that the word politics mean tiks/fleas that feast off of summin, i cant remember..summin to do with latin...i read it a loooong time back..ok so gimme a break!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

dear fellow readers of GG,
now we know how she finds the time to write such wonderful stories for us to enjoy.
GG does not own a TV.
no wonder she is in such a golden mood.
i guess the G8 debt elimination helps too, but no TV sounds fine to me!
good on you GG.
kind regards,
Kanga Roo

Guyana-Gyal said...

Anonymous, yes, I celebrating for we in Guyana 'cause now I can HOPE one teensy eensy bit that we taxes gon go to something productive here.

[Hope, hope].

We ain't got to pay back the debt the last govt. saddle we with.

But I agree with you about 3rd world politicians. Is only we 3rd world people know how they scampish and t'iefing.

I not too sure about this 'doubling up of aid'.

All I can see is them 3rd world politicians doubling up they pockets to fill them more.

I hope them donors screen every cent to make sure the POOR benefit.

Kung Fu Mama, why you had to go and talk about flea? Y'know what I find in this here room? aaaaaaaaa

Kanga Roo, if I had a tv, I would sit and write my posts with pen and paper in front of that tv, then type 'em in later haha.

kungfu mama said...

eh? is what de tail wan politican doing in de room???haha