Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Dark humour

Sometimes I does sit and wonder, how it is we Guyanese here does survive all them things we go through, fire burning down we buildings after every election, people getting beat up, stores barring up they doors, innocent people becoming targets for freedom blighters full o' hate and bullets...how?

How we does manage to hold on ‘til them fiery times turn to ashes and blow away from we calendar, and we flip to the new month to find days sweet like sugarcane, kissing we with sunshine and breeze? And plenty o' we keep on working, building, succeeding, how?

We ain’t got much outside entertainment, cinemas, cafes, art galleries, museums...all them beautiful things.

So is what? What is it that does make we keep on crafting we craft, lawing we laws, doctoring we patients, businessing we business?

I think I know is what.

We got each other.

And we does make each other laugh.

We sit in we verandas, put we feet up on the veranda rail, or on the li’l table, drink tea, eat cook-up and cripsy fried fish, dhal and roti and curry, fried bora and shrimps. And we does gyaff…talk, talk and more talk.

As we Guyanese does say, “If we don’t laugh, we gon cry.”

Now, we humour is a ticklish thing [pardon the pun]. We humour a li’l dark sometimes, and outsiders don’t get it.

We humour purple and cynical sometimes. Sometimes is indigo, when we really blue and frustrated. And other times, it black like storm clouds when we vexed, angry, helpless.

But just like them storm clouds rumbling, is so we rumbling with laugh. Because we here have the kind o' hope that li'l children does have. We hope, oh we so hope that after the storm, the sun gon come out, and we gon craft we craft, doctor the sick, and tend we garden.


JAMATECH said...

Sometimes the only luck it seems people have is bad luck. There is a Chinese saying... I'll paraphrase. "Lament when you have good luck, for bad luck follows. Rejoice when you have bad luck, for good luck will follow."

That's the cycle of life, I think.

Anoop said...

I have always believed in the triumph of human spirit. And I have always considered myself extremely lucky. And humour is one thing, one should never lose. I know its very easy to talk all about life and spirit sitting so many miles away from destitution, poverty, slavery, dictatorship, but at the end of the day, the smile on one's face does wipe out the tears in many moist eyes.

Anonymous said...

Guyanese people got the darkest, wickedest humor of all. We pride we self on just HOW funny we can be and we laff at people when they don’t get just houw funny we be! But is true-true ting wah you seh Guyanese Gyal… for some reason despite the poverty and the sadness that seem to be so rampant we can still put up our feet and enjoy a good gyaff.

The other day my aunty and cousin came over to my house for “tea” and “tea” turned into dinner that was left-over “tea” cakes and they didn’t leave until 11:00 and I secretly wanted them the stay the night. WHY? ‘ Cause for the whole time they were there we laff and gyaff and gyaff and laff. Everything seems funnier when you have people to tell it to. Our gyaff was like drinking swank (lime aid) on a hot, hot day. It was the best piece of laff-gyaff I had in ages. Thanks Aunty and Cousin!

Anonymous said...

Guyanese folks are witty, fiery, stubborn and always know how to make the best of a bad situation. And of course the food is aaaaalways there....with the chatting an gyaffin, is a country do dam backward, you would slap it if you can, but at the same time everyday is something new....

Dan Flynn said...

Ah, that hope thing, where would be all be without it? A lot worse off methinks. I like hope, it's a cheery virtue, I think it is human to hope and everywhere there's decent people there's hope. Let's all drink to that!

Guyana-Gyal said...

I must admit, I'm really the snivelling Eternal Coward, though I talk myself into believing that I am big and bad and can tackle anything. [Hear my knees knocking...katakatakat...]

So Tony, the Coward me would run gibbering at the thought of bad luck in life...but I'd like to think I can spit in bad luck's face, throw it to the ground, stomp on it...

Oh, that Chinese proverb reminds me of a Jamaican one, 'Chicken merry, hawk deh near.' Chicken is merry, but hawk is nearby. brrrrrrr....

Well Anoop, you're so right...the human spirit does triumph over all the trials and tribulations...just look at history.

It baffles me that we human beings still exist after all we've been through.

Dan, I can't bear to not have hope. It's a frightening thought, to be without it. The thing is though, how do you know when to stop 'hoping' and to just accept?
[By the way, any news about the robot doctor?]

Hey...Anon...do you think we guyanese live in Fool's Paradise? That's why laugh so much?

Y'ever watch a mad man just laugh and laugh and laugh?

Hmmm...sometimes I wonder about us...haha...

I agree with Dan, let's all drink to hope!


Anonymous said...

You are truly a gifted writer; I enjoyed every bit of the piece. It for sure made a man like me, who has been away from home so long, homesick for “We sit in we verandas, put we feet up on the veranda rail, or on the li’l table, drink tea, eat cook-up and cripsy fried fish, dhal and roti and curry, fried bora and shrimps. And we does gyaff…talk, talk and more talk.”
Your vivid use of language is impressive. I have to remember to put time aside to visit your site on a regular basis.

Dan Flynn said...

Yesterday's papers were full of robots for marking students exam papers. Seems sister Mary has slipped a load of her family into the country and their all finding work!

Anonymous said...

yes, Guyana Gyal, you do your bit in keeping hope alive.
thank you,
Kanga Roo

Guyana-Gyal said...


If you all wonder why I'm so happy to hear from this boy...he's one of the nicest, sweeeeeeeetest Guyanese you can ever meet.

[And for all the single gals out there if you're reading this...he's very cute too].

A piece o' Guyana died when he left. sniff.

[Oh...he made it on the int'l news once too...]

Thank you Raj, for dropping by. We miss you too, hug hug.

Dan...you mean to tell me...illegal robots? Marking exam papers? Sr. Mary has family? Plug the plug, Dan, pull the plug. Switch 'em off.

I hope you can start posting on your blog again soon.

Kanga Roo, soon we won't have to hope...the robots will do it for us.