Monday, March 07, 2005

The Prince in rainforest country

Y’all get y’all choc’lit tea, cocoa tea ready…

...grab y’all mouse for this tour…oh…by the way…y’all ever hear about
Duchy Originals?

Is the bonny prince’s own, own choc'lits, and more, apparently.

But guess what!

Some o’ that cocoa for the choc'lit does come from we li’l ol’ country.


From we very own piece of land that some people like to say is a “deh-bad” place.

So…how this happen, y’want to know, eh?

Well, when the bonny prince did come in 2000 he went to visit one o’ them less developed regions. And he hear how cocoa used to be a big, BIG cash crop for this country…but the cocoa industry get redundant for 30 years!

So then, he suggest to the President to think about re-developing it – and they can even use the old cocoa plantation – and supply beans for he Duchy Originals choc'lit.

Since that visit, a small co-op with 26 farmers and they families get set up with NARI [the National Agricultural Research Institute]. The Mabaruma/Hosororo Organic Cocoa Growers Association of Region One (Barima/Waini) start producing it.

And the next thing you know, it get certified as authentic organic by Skal International. Skal, in case y’all ain’t know, is the Netherlands Agency responsible for organic certification of agricultural products.

[Heh. Take that, all y’all who think we can’t do one good thing!]

[Y’all must check out Prince Charles speech at the Caribbean Organics and Fair-trade conference at Lancaster House, London on March 21, 2002
, where he praise up Guyana good, good.]

Okay…so what next happen on he visit?

Well, he went to check out we rainforest… you can check out some of it too, right here:

Now, this is a man who love plants, trees and so on…so you can imagine how special rainforest is to he.

[If you don’t understand why, then think about this: trees, rainforests, are the lungs of the earth…]

The Surama Tribe honour he for all the things he do to save rainforests. They give he a traditional eagle feather headdress…I think they make he honourable chief or something…and they had a traditional dance.

[Now I woulda lurrrve to see that…one aristocrat white man wearing feather on he head, dancing…]

[How that choc’lit tea going? It finish? Get some more, sit back, relax and check out some places y’all probably never know exist in this piece o’ land.]

[Nice, eh?]

Oh…one last one…you won’t believe who and who own them limited edition Wapishana hammocks that the Rupununi Weavers Society does make!

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth
H.R.H. Prince Phillip
The Smithsonian Institute, South American Textile Art Collection
The British Museum, South American Indigenous ART Collection

The Cambridge Museum, Indigenous Woven Art Collection

See for youself:

[And now, to take you back to first world territory…in Bar Harbour, Maine, don’t be surprised if you find a restaurant name
Rupununi Restaurant! It have to do with some story about somebody visiting Rupununi here, and falling in love with it, I don't know...]

Well people, hope y’all did enjoy this tour. Was good having you! Tomorrow is International Women's Day.
As the Jamaicans say, "One love."

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