Thursday, March 03, 2005

The prince and the parrot

When the bonny prince came a calling in Feb. 2000, there was the customary bowing and scraping.

The standard sweeping and swooning.


The streets were swept!

Y’know, is like when some people expecting visitors in they home…they run around cleaning here, brushing there, pushing stuff into cupboards, sweeping things under the carpet, hiding the day to day dirt from places where the visitor would be…well…the council sweep all the streets where the bonnie prince was going to tour.

[Wish plenty foreigners would visit mo' regular. Plenty clean streets.]

I dunno if they swept Albouystown…but he was so mobbed he would not’a been able to see them streets, swept or not!

Anyway, the sweetest part of that Albouystown tour was the conversation between Charles and the boy with the parrot.

According to the story goin’ around here, he ask the boy ‘bout the parrot, “Does he talk?”

The boy say, “Yes, but not to any and everybody.”

But BBC got the whole, true story and a nice, nice photo, you just GOT to check it out.

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Anonymous said...

I am totally amazed that he was not literally "mobbed"that place is one scary place