Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Jumbie-Lady at Conversation Tree

“Nanee, tell we another jumbie story.”

“You see that Conversation Tree?”


“If you notice…all the accident out there always happen only between that stretch by the tree and the road by Bel Air gas station. You know why?”

“Why nanee, why?”

“Long, long ago, a pretty, pretty girl marry a young man who got plenty, plenty girl friend…all over the place he got girl friend.

Even wedding no stop he. On he wedding night he go out. Nobody no know where he gone. He just slip out while people eating and he gone.

The bride sit in she bedroom and she wait.

She mother-in-law bring food fo’ she. She no eat.

She sister-in-law, all o’ them come talk to she, them leave, and she wait.

The music stop. The guests them go home. The mother-in-law, father-in-law, all she sister and brother-in-law them all go sleep.

And she husband no come home.

She take off she sari. She take off she li’l bit o’ jewels…them wasn’t rich people. She take off she lipstick and so.

Everybody sleeping.

She put on she home clothes and open the door, and left the house to go look fo’ she husband.

She so upset, she no watch where she walk, and as she go to cross the road by Conversation Tree, car knock she down and kill she.

She still out there, looking fo’ she husband.

And every now and then, in revenge fo’ what he do, she does cause a accident and a man does dead.”


Anonymous said...

me remember this story and when I used to drive up the road, I used to look back in de seat to mek sure nobody else wid me...

Guyana-Gyal said...

You tink dat is anyting?

If I brushing my teet in de night and we suddenly get a blackout, I too frighten to look in de mirror. Suppose a face appear in de mirror..."somebody" standing behind me?


Ay! Why Guyanese people like jumbie story so?

Anonymous said...

how bout the time i hangin de masquita net in de nite an i liff de mattress only to see wan foot, from the ankle to toes under de bed, me drop back de mattress an me heart pounding,is who foot?ah wah dat? ...oh wait, is me foot...

Guyana-Gyal said...

Ohhh...you was IN the bed, hanging the mosquito net...and see your own foot...and think is a dead man foot? Jumbie man foot?


Be careful when you pass them beds at night...things gon reach out and grab you ankle...bbbbooooo....

Anonymous said...

I bet anything dat jumbi foot was me mumma.
me mumma is the only person me know that you can depend on fu have baaaaad dream nearly every night.
you think you got "nightmare" ,wait till she start wid she dream dem.
Me wandah if she barn widda ting ova she face.wha does mek you see jumbi....

Guyana-Gyal said...

Your mother does sleep on she back with she hands on she chest? Eat cheese at nights? That can cause bad nightmares.

She shoulda sell she nightmares to Steven King.

Caul. The thing name caul. If you born with it over you face, you can see jumbie.

But here you don't need caul to see jumbie. All you got to do is switch on to local tv. brrrrrrrrrr....

Brandon Thompson said...

Yow peepz tell me one of alyo Scariest Jumbie Story