Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It's okay to steal if you're poor

Mr. K. is our very own moral police. He’s always keeping an eye on what other Guyanese are doing. Except he doesn’t beat with a stick. He beats up on people with his newspaper articles. Especially the middle class, the wealthy, or those who dare buy foreign goods like cranberry juice and potato chips. If he spies you doing this dastardly deed, he will write about it, then write about it, then write some more about it, hoping that you will recognise yourself in his article, and cringe with shame.

He is a Thinker, he says. “I’m an Analyst,” he reminds us frequently.

One day he wrote about the thieves who frequent his neighbour’s yard. The thieves are young, thin, ragged. Not dangerous at all. Too poor to own guns. Very hungry…all they need is a little bit of what the neighbour owns, to sell it, to earn and buy food.

Our Thinker / Analyst said he watches them often, watches as they swipe a bucket and a mop today; the baby’s clothes another day.

He never chases them. They are, after all, victims of society. And when you’re a victim of society you cannot work. You cannot think. It’s okay to steal if you’re poor.

(A good book to read, if you don’t want to be poor though, is The Seven Stages Of Money Maturity by George Kinder.)


Anonymous said...

dear Guyana Gyal, from what i have seen of it, real poverty is poverty of morals and poverty of spirit. individuals with moral fibre, spiritual connection and values soon transcend financial poverty. employers and consumers willingly pay a premium price to employ or deal with those able to earn and maintain their trust.
kind regards,
Kanga Roo

Guyanese Mama said...

I wonder if i should call myself poor, I work about 40-50 hours a week and I never see the money, it goes into a bank account and it disappears. I wonder if I should "borrow" some money from somewhere to buy groceries this week...hey, wait, I poor, I will just go take it...:)