Friday, January 14, 2005

You a Guyanese homesick in Canada? America? England?

If you're homesick [and there's no one more homesick dan all you Goyanese living in Foreign]'s what's been cooking up in our home by de sea:

This week's menu:
Kathar curry cooked in cokenut milk.
Boiled and fried breadfruit wth mackerel.
Dhal an' rice an fish choka.
Bhagee and dhal and roti.
And don't forget the bird peppa. Or marawiriwee peppa sauce. Wid de lime achar.
Oh...a lil dessert...home-made sour sop ice cream.

Now folks, if you come back home, don't think you can cut 'awkcent' on we here anymore. The latest way to speak in Georgetown is with a 'merican twang. 'Specially wit dem radio or tv announcers.

[If you listen you will hear, from the corner of your ear: "Foofa fuffa fafafa GOTTA faffaf YOU GUYS fuffa faaafa GONNA." At least the 'merican-speak of dem announcers comes through loud and clear.]

Well...I gotta go. There's a cacophony of neighbours' dogs...barking, yipping...I wonder if the Suriname Princess across the road is back with her galloping hoot of a hound...she sneaks him over to our trees to do his # 1 and # 2. No laws to protect people here from un-princess behaviour.

The dawg almost attacked my cousin last night at our gate. And the Princess stood by, watching.

More on others t'ings lay-der.

Guyana Gyal.


Mel said...

Hey ya, you made me envious, girl! And yeah you know it, all dem foreign people living overseas are jealous as all hell because of your food - I miss that. Not that I have to go far, 'mamee' lives 45 minutes away and she always have dhal and rice. :)

Anonymous said...

I am from Guyana, and, not everyone speaks the way "you" do. People like "you" makes one think that they have to learn a new language before visiting Guyana, and if you are home sick, go back and live in Guyana. Here in America you have everything including the food stuff, so stop complaining, damm it! Another thing, when you go to swear in, I'm not sure if "you" read and understand proper English, but, you are giving up all rights to your country to become an American and to get all benefits that comes with it.

Guyana-Gyal said...

You sound like a mad lady I know, she's always angry, vicious, malicious though, so maybe you're not her, maybe you're always nice and kind to others.

I LIVE IN Guyana. Some people speak English. MOST speak Creolese...basolect, mesolect, acrolect...check a linguist about this.

Pssst...some grammar corrections for you:

People like you MAKE...not makes...

Correct spelling: damn...not damm.

Benefits that COME...not comes...

Watch your verbs...they must agree with subject...if subject is plural, verb must be plural.

Anonymous said...

I quite like your reply to anonymous. Dont see the creolese you use bad in anyway, some people make it sound very bad. I would excuse this person, they obviously didnt get the joke, born in America. Many people dont know that we are taught gramatically correct English in school, in Guyana so when we speak creolese they feel we dont know English. Enjoyed the humour. Well done.