Tuesday, January 18, 2005

flood in the city...a marooned point of view

Stchuuuuups, this blastid flood.

On Friday evening rain fall nice and easy, drip drip, drip drip.

The next thing we know, is whole night the rain falling, it sound like them British football fans singing vindaloo, vindaloo, oy oy oy.

But still, is not the amount that would cause flood. Especially under we house, cause we land build up high.

SAT. MORNING me there laughing dem Brazilians fellas behind we, how they yard flood up so fast. The next thing I know...is we lobby the water seeping into.

If you see hustle to move things, chair, wicker trunk, fan.

Saturday night was COLD and DAMP.

To make matters worse, the 2 am bird come back. He start to sing outside my window. I get out of bed to holler on it, clap me hands and tell it shut up. It sing more loud.

I had to put cotton wool in me ears.

SUNDAY MORNING: I phone nuff nuff people to see if them alright, as if I can do anything if they weren't. [I did really want to see how far the flood gone.]

I phone one of the tv stations, and tell the girl who answer that we tv break and I want to know the news and how far the flood is.

She say, "All of Guyana flood out."

That one shock me. "All???" I ask.

She say, "All of Jirgetown."

Well, by Sun. midday, sun come out. I playing cd's and singing, I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all popsicles in my way. I feeling good. Mummy feeling nice.

Somebody phone to say they see we house on tv and we laugh li'l more.

Water draining nice nice.

Later, Mrs. S. phone. She laughing and she say she ain't gon watch the water go down yet cause she want to look out later and get a nice, big surprise. It gone out of the lobby. Whole day I watching the water go. Two fat tilapia did swimming on we bridge.


From 3 am MON. morning rain start up again. One steady shower, no letting up, but not hard hard. Just one steady ssshhhhhh....

At 4 am I remember how the pump in the washroom not unplugged. And the washing machine too.

So at minutes to 7 we switch off the main, and I go down...torchlight and long rubber boots and rubber gloves like in the movies. Water almost reach the top of me boots. But me unplug, feeling frightened like any real, self respecting coward should.

The thing that was scaring me is that two electrical points are low, and water get to them. So I warn mummy she is NOT to go downstairs...she don't have any long boots. And I can tell you, I AIN'T GOING DOWNSTAIRS.

The breaker box for downstairs in the apartment. Dr. S. say I can switch off the main and go into the apartment and switch off the power to downstairs.

I? Me? haha. Like he never see the Titanic movie.

Is from Mahaica, coming all the way over the Demerara river that flood, all the way to Crane or more far...is only up to Crane I know people.

Sawmills selling sand bags for $300. a bag.

Whole day a neighbour phoning we with news, or I phoning she to ask she the news cause we tv bruk. Somebody tell she how the Luisignan dam break away. Then later she see on tv is not true, the official people went with helicopter and view and say is not true.

But I ain't believe them...this rain not so hard to cause 14 inches of water under we house.

Neighbour phone again. Mrs. H. who have nuff nuff fancy things in she living room downstairs, buss into tears, she cry and cry and cause more flood. Me feel sorry for she, but poor people have it worserer.

Neighbour say how she hear that this weather gon get worse.

Mummy: oh, that mean it gon get better.

A friend say how somebody see on the internet that this weather gon last til Wed.

Nobody ain't know is what going on.

Some people cussing the president.

Some people saying is nobody fault.

Everybody cussing the city council. How they didn't clear the canals, they didn't desilt the drains, and so on.

Neighbour say dat Mayor had a press conference and blame he whole staff. They sitting on they job, he say.

After the li'l flood in December, officials went about and did a report and say that is the city council fault, and what and what should be done to prevent a real flood.

Min. of Roads etc. went and look and say how pumps working, kokers working...he say things in order.

So citizens thought that after all of this, they would fix things and we wouldn't get a flood.

We get a flood.

Sunday paper, Kaieteur News had a cartoon...the town clerk tie Mayor to he seat, rope he down tight tight and he glaring and saying how he gon get she...and she in she boat giggling, saying how is she had to go out and do all the hard work.

The two of them are not exactly friends.

Well, sun come out again Monday, bright and yellow, I had to close curtains. Water go down one inch.

Ahhh...rain done, it done for good.

Then suddenly the place turn black black and get cold.

Is a really weird feeling...wet and marooned...and right out there by the seawall, the road high and unflooded. And yet we marooned.

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Guyana Gyal.


Anonymous said...

dear Guyana Gyal, for those of us living in a normally dry continent we can only imagine how you must have felt whilst marooned. we wish you dry times ahead.
kind regards,
Kanga Roo

Guyana-Gyal said...

It rained again last night. I wonder how many Guyanese didn't sleep well?

Fear is definitely learnt.

I met a young woman the other day who said that when she went into the now dry and clean stairwell of her home, she had this dreadful feeling that if she turned around, she would see the water creeping up behind her.

Same feeling I'd had.

How does one unlearn fear?

Sarah said...

This is a very belated comment, but I was reading back through your archives and its terrible that this wasn't reported internationally. At the moment the front page of our papers are covered in reports about stupid childish Australian drug smugglers, and yet we hear nothing about a natural disaster that affected so many people.
WTF is up with this?

Guyana-Gyal said...

The Media, Sarah, The Media.

In the end, it was aired on CNN and in some other countries. And we got so much help it was amazing.

We know that other countries endure disasters.

We console ourselves in all sorts of ways. We tend to be a cheerful lot most of the time.