Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Cows, Pumps & Boats

Place hot bad bad bad...and over here, when place get so hot, you got to think is rain coming.

But I ain't hearing them cows on the public road mooing...cousin said [confirmed by my mother] when they moo, is rain coming. But you know, come to think of it, I ain't see them cows since Sunday. I wonder if people tief them and cook them...hm....was some fat, juicy cows.

In them flooded out areas food short...the food not reaching everybody. A girl in Sophia squatting area tell me how them people 'stick up' them Red Cross people when they went to deliver food, and thief the food. [That poor girl story, and how I get to talk to she, is another tale all by itself!]

But we car mechanic wife tell we how on the east coast main road, food trucks passing and delivering food plenty, plenty. Is only them people who in the heavy flood further inland not getting the food unless they come out with boats.

Talking about boats...we see li'l boats coming in here transporting security guards. Sunday morning I hear a lady talking [and you know how voices does travel nice and clear over water]: "When I go home, I does wash me skin clean clean, and then I does rub meself down with methylated."

When I look is one li'l, scrawny old old brown boat coming down the street with about 3 stout security guards - one lady, two men. The lady guard who talking, she rowing, and the boat owner, one lil weedy youth, scrawny just like the boat, he relaxing.

I clap and cheer them and them wave back.

Things bad though...is nuff nuff people suffering...400,000 affected in all, and 200,000 affected SERIOUSLY.

Guyana need tings like medical supplies, cause after the flood gone, is even worse...the country need disinfectant...all kinds...anti bacterial ointments and soaps, anti fungal creams, Calamine lotion, things for scabies, medicine for diarrea.

The aftermath of the flood gon be the worse.

Neighbour phone to tell me that a friend tell she that everytime we flush upstairs, the water overflowing in any toilet we have downstairs, and mingling with the water in the yard.

She sound so horrified that I decide to add to she horror. I tell she what my brother's friend tell me about the dead people rising and floating up in the cemetery [how you spell this word, man?]

Who tell me to tell she this.

She say yes, she friend tell she how the cemetery water coming down to the coast, and that is the bad smell we smelling.

Oh me mooma, Lawd ohhhh. Jumbie water coming down.

But Jr. say is not here, is the places that have cemeteries. So that calm me. Not only infection this hypchondriac was thinking about...is all them spirits / ghosts rising and coming up to we house. aaaaaaaaghhh

I hope the pumps can work faster than they doing right now.

Well, we getting more pumps tomorrow or Wednesday...the Americans bringing in pumps, bigger, badder than them li'l ones that the govt. borrow from Omai goldmining people.

The Omai pumps get put in on Sunday, but they punishing to take off all this water. As they pump out this water, is so the water from inland coming...the conservancy overflow to the brim and more.

Jr. went to the seawall to see the li'l pumps, he say if you see this crowd there to watch them working. Man, is like the pumps turn celebrities overnight. Hm...you can imagine when them American ones get put in...the crowd that that gon draw.

Aiy, if you does see Dr. S, whistling and wading through that water. I does say, "look, it's the whistling doctor, wading in the water on his way to work and back from work."

He does roll up he pants tight tight tight like a loin cloth and wade.

I should go and bathe. But I seem to have an aversion to water since this flood...


Safiyyah said...

Love the way you write! Really amazing to go back and read some of what you guys experienced with the flooding.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Hi Safiyyah, welcome, and thank you...yes, that flood was something else. It's the very poor people who suffered the most.